City-Tech: SONORATEC! By Margarita Ardila/Oda Bremnes

12 – 14 november – 10:00 – 14:00
15 – 16 november – 14:00 – 18:00
For å melde deg på, send en mail til piksel18(at)piksel(dot)no
Gratis verksted for barn/unge i alderen 4-14 år

Piksel Studio 207
Strandgaten 207

SONORATEC er en lab hvor barna lærer seg grunnleggende elektronikk for å kunne skape lyd til tegnede bilder; leker som lyser; plastpianoer… alt bygget av gjenvinnede materialer.

Hva kommer vi til å gjøre?
Bygge forskjellige innretninger som lar barna eksperimentere med ledlys, strømkretser, lyd, grafikk, kreativ skriving og mye mer.

Margarita Ardila (Colombia)
Margarita Ardila er en colombiansk filmskaper, komponist og lydforsker. Hun er en multidisiplinær kunstner og grunnlegger av workshopen SONORATEC LAB, som fokuserer på bruken av nye medier i kunst, design og utdanning.

Oda Bremnes (Norway)
Oda Bremnes er I si tredje år av bachelorutdanning ved Institut for kunst ved Fakultet for Kunst, Musikk og Design, UiB (udligere Kunst- og designhøyskolen I Bergen). Hun jobber med nye medier. hovedsaklig video, installasjon og elektronikk.

Sonorartec is a lab where the kids learn the basics of electronic to produce sound with drawn images, toys with lights, plastic pianos, … recycling everyday materials. Building different devices which permit kids to experiment with leds, circuits, sound, graphics, creative writing, and much more.

Margarita Ardila, Colombia

Margarita Ardila is a Colombian maker, composer and sound researcher. Multidisciplinary artist coordinator and workshop of SONORARTEC LAB, laboratory oriented to the application of new media in the art, design, education. Emerging, independent and self-managed space interested in sharing and disseminating DIY and DIWO dynamics. Currently developing the project LAPIZ VOLTAJOSO activity mixing electronics and creative writing.

Piksel Kidz Lab er støttet av Norsk Kulturfond og Hordaland Fylkeskommune.

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APODIO OPEN workshop

APODIO OPEN CALL for participants

Romain Papion
APODIO is a free computer operating system towards artists and new designers, alternative to microsoft and apple, created in Nantes in the APO33 Lab. It is the new generation of a free and creative computer science.
The new version 10 will be based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
Real swiss-army-knife software for audio, video, graphics, or 3D, Apodio is ready to use for a live an exhibition a performance or in a studio.

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Pure Data Synthesizer OPEN workshop

Servando Barreiro

In this workshop, among other more advanced things, the attendants are going to learn the basic building blocks of a classic synth.

Concretely we are going to study and hack a clone of the beautiful and simple ¨moog werkstatt¨ synth which is an experimental limited edition synth. As it´s name indicates, this is a perfect synth to hack, improve, modify and also to learn about basic ¨clean¨ analogue subtractive synthesis.

To register send an email to: piksel14(at)piksel(dot)no
More info:

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PiksteriaLab – Open LAB

PIKSTERIA LAB – OPEN CALL to participants

Bring your own ideas, interests, knowledge and tools.
10-15th november – Bergen Kjott
More info:

“From 10th to 15th november, PIKSEL14 – be\O/art festival is presenting PIKSTERIA LAB a biohacking lab open to all citizens interested at experimenting new models for knowledge sharing and collaboration building, in the emergent artistic practices related to bio, nanotechnology and science related to Bergen and surrounds.”

Open BioElectronix and BioSonification
During this sessions we’ll continue on various prototypes connecting plants to puredata, making sound with fishes, connecting brain-measurements to glitch visuals and generally exploring the possibilities of monitoring the processes of life using open source hard/software.

Water Monitoring
Water monitoring, purification and analysis has been important nodes throughout our activities of the last few years.

Hackteria / Lifepatch Evergreens
You wanna build a DIY microscopy? Or join us for some basic DIY Fermentation or the Art of making Wine, bubble sonification? Join us anytime and we’ll introduce you to some of the all time classics!

8bit Mixtape 0.8 and beyond
The idea was to create a synthesizer from an affordable programmable chip that is playful and could be used by anyone to play the music. 8-Bit Mixtape is using a mathematical expression into a single line of programming code which generates Algorithmic symphonies. In this workshop participants will be invited to identify basic electronic components, soldering the correct way and how to add sound into the synthesizer.

**Schedule 10 – 15. Nov / Pre-Piksel
10. Nov: If you can’t build your Lab you don’t own the Lab
11h | Introduction of all participants and start lab making!

11 – 13. Nov: DIWO Biohacking (Do it with Others)
11 – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
16 – 18h | Open sessions. join us, discuss with us, bring some something, make something
— Nights | spontaneous and improvised late night biotinkering as much as needed…
— Project work, collaboration, discussions & mini-Workshops

14 – 15. Nov: Open PiksteriaLab
11h – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
16 – 21h | Open sessions for all piksel peeps who want to be in a lab
— Nights | spontaneous and improvised late night biotinkering as much as needed…
— Jamming with the Living Elektro & mini-Workshops

Register by mail to Piksel Team: – First come first serve.
Other questions can also be directly send to
Slots for full participation are limited. Everybody is welcome to join and visit the open sessions.

Please, provide us a few sentences about yourself (short bio).
Why are you interested in the DIWO biohacking session?
Can you join all days of the PiksteriaLab (11-17h)?
Do you want to start another node to work, collaborate on and share?
What kind of lab-tools, organisms, hardware will you bring the lab?

More info at:

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Piksel presents: Arduino workshop for young people in collaboration with Trafo

We have invited Afroditi Psarra from Athens to host this exciting three-day workshop at the public library in Bergen.

Time: Monday 19. November – Wednesday 21. November.  4PM- 8PM

Who can attend: Young people between the ages 16 and 22. Anyone who is interested in Arduino programming, e-textiles, 8-bit music and DIY electronics. No necessary background in programming is required.

This workshop consists of an introduction to Arduino programming through the creation of a simple embroidered synthesizer. The participants are going to engage in the process of prototyping and building DIY electronics on textile using various components – such as LEDs, resistors, sensors, buttons and buzzers, and conductive materials such as conductive thread and conductive fabric. Through the construction of an embroidered synthesizer the participants will get familiar with the concept of electronic textiles and soft-circuits and their use in fashion, art and performance, while experimenting on 8-bit sound.

More info about the workshop leader:

Sign up here:

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Experimental Electromagnetism Workshop in collaboration with BEK & Peter Flemming

We will start with a short demonstration and some introductory words on the subject of electro-magnetism. Participants will then wind their own electromagnetic coils, to be used as part of an experimental loudspeaker improvised from a found object resonator supplied by the participant.

Possible resonators: plastic food containers, buckets, drums, cans, glass… does it sound good when you tap your finger on it or speak into it? Bring it in! Bring a bunch of things because not everything will work, and that’s the experimental part.

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LITE2SOUND – Hans Kristian Senneseth & Eric Archer

“LITE2SOUND is a portable sensing device that explores the hidden sounds of light. Not a synthesizer at all, it is more like a microphone. LITE2SOUND reveals unusual sounds by responding to rapid but invisible changes in brightness. Beyond the ubiquitous grid hum transmitted by lighting, there are many other sounds. Near video screens, one often finds a clear pitched tone with variations depending on what model it is or even reacting to changes in the visual picture on a CRT. LED alpanumeric displays in metro rail cars create a blend of sharp singing tones, an optical consequence of lines of code executed by microprocessors. In technology- saturated spaces, musical chords hang in the air as ambient sources harmonize together. Serendipity rewards the curious with soundscapes that weren’t intended to be heard. Even nature creates content for LITE2SOUND’s reception, if one looks in the right places.

The signal level can vary from mic level to line level depending on what you’re observing, and how strongly the light source is modulated. You can’t usually judge this with your eyes; some light sources appear bright but aren’t modulated deeply. Other sources can appear dim or dark but are strongly modulated, such as infrared remotes and LED message signs. Other lights are bright but not modulated at all, like status LEDs on some electronic devices, and any LED running on DC power.” (Eric Archer)

LITE2SOUND was created by Eric Archer ( and has been redesigned by him for the purpose of this workshop. The LITE2SOUND PX features a headphone/line out jack, a slider volume control and automatic gain control to compensate for different levels of ambient light.

In this workshop, the participants will each build a LITE2SOUND PX. The kit consists of a PCB and roughly 40 parts. Expected time to build the device is 1-2 hours. Basic soldering skills are helpful, but a quick introduction to soldering will be provided at the start of the workshop. After the build, we explore the sounds of different light sources, both inside and outside. Participants should each bring a pair of headphones for this purpose. We may also give a concert in the evening, where the participants perform on stage to create a sonic landscape from available light sources.

The workshop will be hosted by Hans Kristian Senneseth and is suitable for 10-12 participants. LITE2SOUND photos and schematics are provided courtesy of Eric Archer for educational and noncommercial purposes only.

The workshop is supported by the Municipality of Bergen.

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Transmission + Interference – David Strang & Vincent Van Uffelen

Transmission+Interference is an ongoing collaboration between David Strang and Vincent Van Uffelen researching laser light as medium of sound transmission and creation. In preparation for a performance in February 2013 at the Contemporary Music Festival, Plymouth, UK. We will utilise common laser pointers and electronic parts such as photo-resistors, motors, mirrors, and basic amplification circuits to co-create new musical tools and (analog) sound transmission devices that can be used for music making or live performances. The two day workshop will be concluded by a brief performative presentation demonstrating the devices / tools that have been created by the group.

Recent work by David + Vincent on this topic has explored using laser light wavelength to transmit audio signals and using various objects to interfere with the light signal. Elements of this interference are controlled via arduino using motors and servos. We aim to continue this type of approach whilst remaining open to any other methods developed during the workshop. One element we are keen to explore is the inclusion of software in the project. The use of Pure Data to process live sounds / trigger sounds and to send control data to Arduino we believe can increase the sonic complexity of the project without being too far removed from the noise of the objects themselves.

After the workshop the devices / tools will be gathered together in preparation for the performance in Plymouth where all participants of the workshop will be credited with what was built as well as discussed. In addition David is planning take notes of the experiences in the workshop and use them to put forward a paper submission for the journal Organised Sound (Cambridge Journals) Volume 18 Number 3 ‘Re-wiring Electronic Music’ under the sub-themes of “DIT (do-it-together)” and “Sound Objects and Materialism”. This paper will discuss the processes of working and building in groups and pulling together resources and knowledge to show the potential of this form of collaboration.

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Design of open source hardware running Linux using open source tools – Bengt Sjölén

We would like to see an open source hardware device, designed with open source tools, capable of running Linux,with a design that is easily modifiable and extendable, with a minimal component cost and which can be made in any small lab. We would like it to run an easily configurable Linux distribution with loads of tools for playing around with networks, audio, video and physical interfaces from any programming language of choice. In this workshop our ambition is to take a step towards this goal.

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Blender 3D modelling and animation – Malte Steiner

This hands-on workshop shows how to create 3D models in the free open source software Blender, setting up the virtual lights and cameras and render the result. Materials and animation are explained and also the realtime game engine when time permits.

Topics are

– modeling, the basic tools, subdivision surfaces
– organic forms with metaballs
– materials, textures, uv mapping
– types of lights
– animation, keyframes, curves, bones
– the new Cycles renderer

The level of the workshop will be adjusted to the audience but is meant to be an introduction to Blender. Participants should bring their laptops.


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Experimental Communication – Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp & John Bowers

Recent studies have shown that the electrical resistance in soil above a buried carcass has a different electrical resistivity to that of near by soil due to the decomposition of bodily tissue. The body leaves a “real”, quantifiable electrical trace when it is dead.

Following this idea that traces of the dead can be measured via electricity it may be possible that these traces can be found elsewhere such as in the electromagnetic field. Building on the work of The Scole Experimental Group this workshop will attempt to build various electronic devices which apparently enhance the possibility of communication with spirits both audibly and visibly.

Many reports of paranormal phenomenon mention balls of light materialising from the spirit world. The workshop will attempt to channel this phenomena via microwaves, water, and silicon. Devices such as the Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC) Receptor and glass domes resembling Leyden jars will also be constructed along with other EMF detecting, emitting, and amplifying devices.

All of the constructed devices will be used in an experimental communication session which all of the workshop participants are encouraged to join.

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  • Piksel24November 21-23 2024Bergen, Norway
    Dear friends,
    We are excited to announce the call for projects for the 22nd edition of the Piksel Festival!

    10 July 2024 @ 12:27 pm

    Piksel Fest Spill – Finnisage
    Silent Vegetal Thoughts closing event and IDLE Virtual Instruments Performance.
    Date: Friday, June 28thTime: 18:00 - 21:00Location: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207
    To finish up Piksel Fest Spill, we invite you to spend some additional moments with the plants before their time controlling Studio 207's lights and sounds comes to an end.
    In addition, we are excited to showcase the IDLE Virtual Instruments with an AV performance.
    #piksel #IDLE #Bergen #Studio207

    19 June 2024 @ 1:46 pm

    IDLE Virtual Instruments Workshop
    For musicians, artists, programmers, and VR professionals.
    Date: June 20thTime: 15:00-18:00Where: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, BergenSignup: Email piksel24(at)piksel(dot)no
    the IDLE Virtual Instruments workshop, Piksel invites musicians, artists, programmers, and VR professionals to continue exploring the potential uses of Virtual Instruments, emphasizing the artistic standpoint.

    19 June 2024 @ 1:41 pm

    Piksel Fest Spill is kicking off its second round of activities with a focus on Live Coding. On June 8th, guest artists @blazp and @flordefuego will perform using virtual instruments through Hydra at Studio 207. The event will be streamed online for an international audience.
    Date: June 8thTime: 23:00-00:00 CEST (Doors open at 22:00)Location: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, BergenOnline stream: FreeThis event is part of the ICLC Satellite Events.

    7 June 2024 @ 12:08 pm

    Dear friends and Piksel lovers,
    Reminder: Tomorrow at 18:00, join us at Studio 207, Piksel, Bergen for the opening of Silent Vegetal Thoughts by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde (ES). Their installation lets plants control IoT systems, manipulating lights and sound.
    Saturday, May 25th:
    14:00: Artist Presentation 15:00-18:00: Workshop (Register at piksel24 (AT)
    Details: &
    regards, Piksel Team

    23 May 2024 @ 1:54 pm

    🌿 Piksel Fest Spill 2024 🌿Join us in May and June for Piksel Fest Spill! Explore "Silent Vegetal Thoughts" in a captivating exhibition and dive into plant magic with workshops for kids and adults. Plus, exciting news: Ohanda One, the zero emission ocean vessel born from Piksel 16, is becoming a reality! 🌱🎨🌊 #PikselFestSpill2024 #PlantMagic #OhandaOne
    Read more in our newsletter:

    26 April 2024 @ 3:47 pm

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