In 2016 Piksel initiated TransPiksel, a regional American touring lab in three different American countries: Ecuador, Perú and Mexico. TransPiksel is devoted to open and libre digital culture. Four days of innovative and technological based audiovisual workshops, exhibitions, concerts and a BioART Lab with international and local artists focused on biology and environmental sciences and Do-It-Yourself electronics held in each city.

In 2016, TransPiksel which consisted of a tour to 3 countries in South America: Mexico, Peru and Colombia. The project was continued in 2017 with a tour to Colombia, Peru and Chile, in 2018 to Mexico, Peru and Ecuador and in 2019 we focused on 3 countries: Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Our partners are festivals for electronic art, independent media labs and local cultural institutions. The project was very successful and a number of new contacts were established. TransPiksel toured with an international group of artists in experimental electronic art and music who work with DIY tools and free technology. In addition to exhibitions and concerts, they held workshops and collaborated with local artists and musicians to establish long-term relationships to strengthen the international network Piksel is part of.

TransPiksel is creating a a grass-roots international network with presence in virtually every country and the artists community in the area. Through libre and open electronic art we challenge norms and values whilst creating a strong sense of community in the field.

The development, and therefore use, of digital technology today is mainly controlled by multinational corporations. Despite the prospects of technology expanding the means of artistic expression, the commercial demands of the software industries severely limit them instead. Piksel and TransPiksel is focusing on the Free/Libre and Open Source movement as a strategy for regaining artistic control of the technology, but also a means to bring attention to the close connections between art, politics, technology and economy.

The TransPiksel events are establishing a long lasting collaborative network in Central and South America in order to open cultural dialogues and future exchanges whilst expanding the ideas of free culture among the civil society.

The works range from sound art, sound installation, video research, interactive video, video performance, interactive installation, stand alone video loop (Piksel savers), DIY BioHacking, DIY- Bio textile, DIY bio-plastic, visual programming and live coding.


Paray mitapim Transpikselniqa 🌧 We are glad to present a special virtual version of TransPiksel 2021, during the austral summer, a network effort formed by, villtank interactiva, Piksel and Toplap Mexico, together with the collaboration and complicity of El Paradero, La Munay, Wasicleta Movilidad Sostenible and other collectives and artists from Abya Yala and other parts of the world. With the support of the Ministry of Culture of Peru, the Madrid City Council and the Spanish Cultural Centers in Lima and CDMX.From 8-26 of February, we will share a program that includes virtual workshops in Spanish, concerts, audiovisual performances and a space with VR and 3D works. Soon more news.Info in:


In 2020, and due to the impossibility to travel in its usual dates and modes, the Transpiksel festival becomes virtual joining the effort of each international node. The TransPiksel festival is hosted on November 21th – 23rd.

This year 2020, attending to the Covid 19 circumstances, TransPiksel network have decided to shift 100 % digital, joining efforts from each node and artists.

Six days of innovative debates and concerts and one month exhibition, in a 3D virtual world environment to bring attention to the close connections between art, politics, technology and economy.

TransPiksel program consist on technologically based audiovisual performances and debates exploring the challenges of the virtual world. The 3D space as a browser, as a new (old) material for artists and audiences, encouraging openness, accessibility, replicability and sustainability.

TransPiksel as a digital art experimentation space using free technologies wants to reflect on the technologies itself. Digital artists are the most updated people to explore the basis of the art exhibition under isolation circumstances. At exploring the challenges of the virtual world and its features we also see an opportunity to help the community.

With the support of every node and artist from every country, TransPiksel will setup:

– A 3D exhibition on a virtual world with more than 30 artists, specifically designed to show 3D works, video, concerts and debates.

– 6 concerts days with 4/5 artists per day during September adding the most innovative and avant-garde visual and sound artists.

– 3 debates about art and new materiality.

TransPiksel agglutinates the experimental audiovisual scene in the north and south countries. Overcoming the pandemic limitations, the lab strengths the sense of belonging to the community and makes all practitioners more equal.

Partners & support
TransPiksel is an initiative of Piksel Festival in Norway.

CNDSD, artists-run collective Malitzin Cortés e Iván Abreu

Asimtria/Marco Valdivia



In its fourth edition, Piksel has organized TransPiksel, a touring digital laboratory that has taken place in three South and Central American countries: Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic and four cities: CDMX, Querétaro, Lima and Santo Domingo.

TransPiksel in Mexico, Peru and R. Dominicana has been part of the programs of cultural organizations that attract a large number of visitors and have a proven track record in terms of the artistic quality of their content: the Spanish Cultural Centers, the Digital Culture Center El Rule, the Gómez Morín Cultural Center, UNAM and the Telefónica Foundation in Lima. All together with the support of local artists groups, Asimtria, CNSD and Tatlin.


Centro Cultural de España en Mexico, CDMX
Centro Educativo y Cultural del Estado de Quéretaro “Manuel Goméz Morín”Universidad UNAM, Querétaro
Colectivo Tatlin

Centro Cultural Paradero Cultural
Centro Cultural de España en Lima

República Dominicana:
Centro Cultural de España en Santo Domingo

Bergen Kommune
Nordisk Kultur Kontakt

Centros Culturales Mexico, Dominican Republic and Perú.


In its fourth edition, Piksel is organizing TransPiksel, a regional American touring lab in three different American countries: Ecuador, Perú and Mexico and four cities: CDMX, Querétaro, Trujillo and Guayaquil.


TransPiksel is initiated by: Piksel
Organised by:
México: Tlalli Colectiv / Corazón de Cactus; Centro Cultural Gomez Morin; Centro Cultural de España en Mexico;
Ecuador: Asimtria, Permutación sonora, Universidad de las Artes
Perú: Municipalidad Provincial de Trujillo, ENAVT, Resuena Trujillo, El patio rojo

Funded by: In Norway: TransPiksel is funded by the Bergen Kommune, Nordisk Kultur Fond, Piksel Festival;


From the last days of June to July 2017, Piksel has organised TransPiksel in Manizales, Medellín, Santiago de Chile, Arequipa and Cusco.


Funded by:
In Norway:
TransPiksel is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OCA, Bergen Kommune, Piksel Festival, PNEK (NO);

La Casa Rodante/The Road House
Universidad de Caldas and the Festival de la Imagen
CONFA fundation

Museum of Modern Art in Medellín – Experimental Labs Post-ISEA event

Teatro del Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano
Pucara Bulls,
Casa Blanca,
Biblioteca del Cultural
Casa de la Cultura
Alliance Française

Café con Cables


From August to September 2016, TransPiksel was held in Lima, Medellín and Ciudad de Mexico.


TransPiksel is initiated by: Piksel

Organised by:
in México: Bioscénica, ARTE+CIENCIA, UNAM
in Perú: | Asimtria
in Colombia:
Museum of Modern Art in Medellín MAMM,
Parque Explora.

Funded by:
In Norway:
TransPiksel is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bergen Kommune, Piksel Festival.

In México: Centro Cultural de España en Mexico (MX), XTeresa,
In Perú: | Festival, Fundación Telefónica (PE);
And many thanks to: Corazón de Robota for her generous collaboration.