Recent studies have shown that the electrical resistance in soil above a buried carcass has a different electrical resistivity to that of near by soil due to the decomposition of bodily tissue. The body leaves a “real”, quantifiable electrical trace when it is dead.

Following this idea that traces of the dead can be measured via electricity it may be possible that these traces can be found elsewhere such as in the electromagnetic field. Building on the work of The Scole Experimental Group this workshop will attempt to build various electronic devices which apparently enhance the possibility of communication with spirits both audibly and visibly.

Many reports of paranormal phenomenon mention balls of light materialising from the spirit world. The workshop will attempt to channel this phenomena via microwaves, water, and silicon. Devices such as the Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC) Receptor and glass domes resembling Leyden jars will also be constructed along with other EMF detecting, emitting, and amplifying devices.

All of the constructed devices will be used in an experimental communication session which all of the workshop participants are encouraged to join.