■■ GOSH! [summit]

The Summer 2008, Piksel was invited to participate in a committee for planning and setting the frames for a conference and workshop on art and open hardware at The Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.
The work resulted in the project:
Grounding Open Source Hardware (GOSH!).

The Summit takes place at The Banff Centre and invites the many and disparate manufacturers, designers, artists and engineers within the field to come together to discuss the common issues of their practices.

Program dates:
Workshop: July 10, 2009 – July 15, 2009
Summit: July 16, 2009 – July 18, 2009

Registration deadline: July 05, 2009

PROGRAM: http://www.gosh2009.ca


The project is kindly supported by Office of Contemporary Art Norway (OCA).