■■  PIKSEL_PLENUM [seminar]

Electronic art is more closely connected to the development of technology than any other art genre. New technology creates new opportunities for artists and developers, and with that follows the discussion of copyright, IPR and distribution rights. Artists, using free and open technologies, have a special opportunity to shape tools to best fit their production – a feature that in many cases is essential in realizing an artistic expression. 

Piksel Plenum is seminar series that sets focus on such socio-political questions by inviting various thinkers and artists to give presentations at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall.

Piksel aims to host 2-3 Plenum events each year.



■ Landmark 17th October 2010:
The construction of instruments and the revolt against the computer as a prime mediator for sound.
This seminar has it starting point in the presentation of Regnskog – a workshop, performances and an exhibition of David Tudors project Rainforest.
More info soon…



■■  PIKSEL PLENUM ¤2: Open Artistic Production

■ Landmark 21st November 2009: 
Open Artistic Production: Blueprints, Archiving and Open Source Technology

Lounge talk with Angela Plohman, Wendi Ann Mansilla, Jordi Puig and Julien Ottavi.
Moderator: Elisabeth Nesheim

In this Piksel Plenum panel, we invite you to participate in a lounge talk where we explore how processes of artistic production can be shared beyond pure archiving and documentation.
This talk is directly connected to Piksel’s collaboration with Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven (NL) which have been running from September til November 2009. Artists Wendy Ann Mansilla and Jordi Puig have partaken in workshops and carried out an artist residency at Baltan Labs. Here they have worked with developers from the Piksel network towards a commissioned work, Flick Flock, which is to be exhibited at Baltan Laboratories and this year’s Piksel festival.
An important criteria for this project is a reflection of how work processes can be opened and shared in art production. We ask Baltan Lab director, Angela Plohman and the two artists to share their experiences from the residency. We have also invited Julien Ottavi from art and technology network APO33, to share insights from his research and experience on open and free technologies and how such tools can stimulate to collective creative processes.

■■  PIKSEL PLENUM ¤1: Piracy & Sustainable sharing

■ Landmark 15th October 2009:  Piratkopiering, bæredyktig deling og kunstproduksjon