3rd LGRU Research Meeting

Piksels & Lines

Bergen, 6-9 June 2012

 LGRU (Libre Graphics Research unit)

The Libre Graphics Research Unit is a traveling lab where ideas for creative tools are developed.
Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, research meetings, experimental prototyping, conferences and workshops. The Research Unit is an initiative of four European media-labs actively engaged in Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Free Culture. This cross-disciplinary project involves artists, designers and programmers and is developed in dialogue with the Libre Graphics Community.

The unit is co-organized by Constant (Brussels, BE), Medialab Prado (Madrid, (ES), WORM (Rotterdam, NL) and Piksel (Bergen, NO).

The Piksels & Lines research seminar is the third in the series and will have a particular focus on improvements, interoperability between and fringe use of F/LOSS graphic bitmap and vector software, as well as generative software used in performative contexts.

We have invited artists, programmers, designer and theoreticians from all over Europe to imagine the future of image creation and processing software in collaboration, through four days of presentations, discussions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and performances.

The program is structured between between daily pre-lunch seminar presentations (Piksels & Lines Seminar), running from 10:00-13:00 and post-lunch workshop sessions (Piksels & Lines Laboratorium), running from 14:00-17:00, Wednesday till Friday. The different focus areas are represented by four program tracks into which the the seminar sessions are organized, namely PIKSEL, LINES, PROCESS and INSPIRATION.

Both the Piksels & Lines Seminar  and Laboratorium sessions are open to the public and free to attend. However, for the workshop session participants need to sign up due to limited places. See the full research meeting program, the confirmed participant list, as well as getting relevant practical information.
The full program and meeting schedule are also available as PDF’s.

The LGRU project is funded with support from the European Commission, and Bergen Kommune.