PIKSEL[X] – Kernel Panic!
November 22-25 2012
Bergen, Norway

The Piksel festival is 10 years and we are celebrating with a series of events through the year culminating in the PIKSEL[X] festival in November.

The festival subtitle ‘Kernel Panic!’ is connecting to the Piksel festivals origin of Linux based development, and describes what happens when the operating system is overloaded and goes to a full halt to protect itself from further damage. This can serve as a metaphor for the situation today when our common operating system is more and more getting close to a full breakdown. The economy crisis, global warming, social turmoil and wars are accelerating into a global state of emergency which is a serious threat to the infrastructure that holds our civilization together. The resulting state of operation is chaotic and unpredictable.

PIKSEL[X] presents a wide variety of expressions that represent various strategies for how young artists of today experience and relate to the changing times.