Action Potential

Jenny A Torino (US), Benjamin A Margolis (US), Lee Azzarello (US)

pikseliveaction pikselivegJTBMLA1“Action Potential” is a new media/dance work exploring the physiological and sonic difference between volitional and non-volitional movement. Previous Torino:Margolis work used wireless transmission to co-opt a person’s free will, allowing a participant to take control of the performer’s body via toy radio controls. In “Action Potential”, we extract the performer’s free will and transform it into sound. We do this though Electromyography (EMG), a method of sensing electrical potentials generated during voluntary action. During the performance, we use electromyography to capture a dancer’s actions, and a wireless radio interface is used to transmit the information to software for audio processing. A second dancer physically manipulates the connected dancer, such that the physiological difference between volitional and non-volitional movement is illustrated through sound and silence. In this way, “Action Potential” seeks to exemplify the dancer’s free will.



Ralf Schreiber (DE), Tina Tonagel (DE), Christian Faubel (DE)

pikseliveRSTTCF pikseliveRSTTCF1Realtime audiovisual performance by Tonagel, Faubel and Schreiber.
3 persons, 3 overhead projectors, 3 screens and 3 sound systems.
A triptichon that displays magnified, filtered distorted images of what happens on the screens/fresnel lenses of the projectors.
What you see and hear is a live experiment and improvisation with small electro-kinetic devices and machines arranged on the overhead projectors.
Using rotating invented instruments, autonomous solar robots, solar synths and motors, instruments which are not playable in a controlled way, the performes are forced to improvise with the instabilities of the system.


Noise invaders
Diego de Leon (ES)

pikseliveDG pikseliveDL1Using found objects and found sounds, in opposition to “single use” and “disposable” culture and the obsolescence business, Diego de Leon proposes a noisy travel based on sound recycling and handcraft tech. A realtime jam where the musician do what his own machines are suggesting.
“If they sell you trash you better take it from the garbage for free”


DC12V ::Teatrino Elettrico::
Emanuele Martina (IT) / Massimiliano Nazzi (IT) –

pikselivedc12v pikseliveEMMN1DC12V is the table‐format predication of the elektrolivecircus practice. The sounds are produced exclusively by using analogical instruments; broadcasts of movements, percussions, rubbings, and electromagnetic fields of various commonly used machines. On the one hand, the physical active object is the real protagonist; but on the other hand the sound amplification and the enlargement and multiplication of shades and video make it become an obsessive exaltation of the minuteness, where the movement turns out to be the fundamental action and the expressive necessity.




Paper Cut Tales

Alexandre Quessy (CA)

pikseliveAQ pikseliveAQ1In Paper Cut Tales, Alexandre Quessy uses paper advertising found within the last 24 hours in a collage animation. He uses narrative structures taken from popular tales but playing against interpretative habits. This kind of appropriation art as a collage reminds of the technique of some Dadaist and situationist artists. Advertising and mass media show a fake reality and masks the degradation of human life, promoting consumerism, hence protecting capitalism.


Colour Projections
Theo Burt (UK)
pikselivecp pikseliveTB1Colour Projections (2009, 20 – 35 mins) is a computer-based audio and video work creating precise relationships between sound and geometry. Through a progression of a geometric systems, rules are established and shapes are created, intersected, combined and destroyed. Each resulting shape is both drawn and sonified – a shape’s outline is directly transformed to an audio waveform.


Mouth(s)’ lecture(s)
Patrick Fontana (FR), Pierre-Yves Fave (FR), Aelters (FR)
pikseliveFPFFAE pikseliveFPFFAE1The final form of Mouth(s)’ lecture(s) is a video performance inspired by Rumanian poet Ghérasim Luca ‘s poetry.
It is based on the development and spatial setup of two visual objects : the DIOPTRIC STUDIO development with Pure Data, Gem and Reactivision
and the INKS TABLE, that will produce visual forms. This performance first translates visually a choice of poems, then escapes from the writing to focus on images.



pikseliveM Mattin is a Basque artist working mostly with Noise and Improvisation. Mattin also has written about improvisation, free software and intellectual property. In 2001 Mattin formed Sakada with Eddie Prévost and Rosy Parlane. He has over 50 releases in different labels around the world. He runs the experimental record labels w.m.o/r and Free Software Series, and the netlabel Desetxea. Mattin publishes his music under the no-licence of Anti-copyright.
Other projects include; Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra, NMM, Billy Bao, La Grieta and Josetxo Grieta.




d.R.e.G.S. – Late Night Lobby Nuizzzance

Yves Degoyon (ES)

pikseliveYD pikseliveYD1‘Late Night Lobby’ performance is a performance for sleepwalkers, which will be performed at 2:00 am in the PikselHut.
It will be a gathering of friends around a table, filled with food and drinks, and will be performed for headphones _only_.
It is an hommage to ‘Le Placard’ festival created 10 years ago in a small room by E.Minkinnen, S. Astié and Andy Bolus and a few others aficionados.
It has no particular limit in time, it will stop when we’re tired.
Bring your own headphones and beverages.



oscar martin correa (ES)

pikseliveOMC pikseliveOMC1 ((noish~)) is a sound art project from Oscar Martin. It’s an experimental sound work placed somewhere between Musique concrète and postdigital error aesthetics. The daily routine and surroundings are the base material that’s mutated and deconstructed through the possibilities of digital code and sometimes glitches and errors, generating new units of sensation, which is used to build autonomous sound universes.


Bjørnar Habbestad (NO) / Jeff Carey (US)

pikseliveres pikseliveBH1The RESPIRATOR is an electroacoustic performance environment based on custom hardware and software.The project includes the development of a custom built audio mixer, extensive use of HID sensors and controllers,novel synthesis and processing techniques as well as the development of a large scale SC environment for handling
multi modal mapping of synthesis, contro data and signal processing.


He boxed regularly and was strong and very brave and always a perfect gentleman

IOhannes M Zmölnig (AT), Georg Richard Holzmann (AT), Michael Reinhard Pinter (NL)

pikseliveIZGHMP pikseliveIZGHMP1A livecoding showdown – improvisation as physical interation with structure generators,
two boxers are having an infight between themselves and the computer. Uppercuts and punches are the means to write software that can only defend itself with music. Artistic creativity and decisionmaking is done simultaneously in embodied and disembodied ways.
At the end of the day we’ll see what will remain…


Ryan James Jordan (UK)
pikseliveRJ pikseliveRJ1Psychoid is a live audiovisual performance utilising minimal electronics, sound/noise, and strobe lights. Loud bangs, cracks, snaps and static noises are controlled by the varying rates of three strobe lights. The noise and flashing lights increase in intensity and speed until noticeable rhythms and patterns emerge, reminiscent of hallucinatory techno and rave experiences.


Glerm Soares (BR), Luca Carrubba (BR), Ricardo Brazileiro (BR), Carlos Henrique Paulino (BR), Oscar Martin (ES), Cristiano Severo Figueiró (BR), Simone Bittencourt Azevedo (BR), Jean Marcell Habib (BR), Felipe Machado (BR), Anderson Goulart (BR), Ricardo Ruiz (BR), Fabiana Sherine Santos (BR), Vanessa Jesus (BR), Tatiana Wells (BR)

pikselivegGSLCRB MSST (Movimento dos Sem Satélite), an audiovisual performance based on local and remote particpants interacting through hardware structures and virtual interfaces.
“Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.
E. W. Dijkstra”
Hardware from scratch, live coding, biofeedback, reclaiming the streets, history of free software culture in a performance…


Performance for circuit bent toys and meat controllers

Andy Bolus (FR)

pikseliveAB pikseliveAB1Andy Bolus (aka Evil Moisture) makes modified electronic toys, rewiring circuits such as those found inside children’s talking computers and other electronic detritus, using the aleatoric sounds generated as source material for hi-speed cutup sound, as well as making installations.

He has performed extensively in Japan and Europe under the name Evil Moisture since 1991, as well as releasing dozens of cassettes, 4 vinyl LPs, several cds and cdrs on numerous noise labels.

He also runs the labels School Of Meat Cutting and Doomation.




The DIY drone synthesizer

Peter Edwards (US)

pikselivePE pikselivePE1A 30 minute participatory set using custom designed synthesizers called Drone Labs played by Peter Edwards and other participants in the festival.
The Drone Lab is a 4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor. It is capable of generating rich, textured soundscapes, hypnotic drones and complex rhythmic sequences. It features a series of filter and distortions circuits as well as an audio input jack. This allows it to be used as an effects processor for external audio signals.
It is possible to combine several Drone Labs together to create a rich, unified voice. Peter has invited other Piksel participants to control a voice of a greater drone and perform a group piece.


Souffles I
Pascale Gustin (FR)

pikselivesouf pikselivePG1Souffles I is based on an interest in the very newest and oldest form of languages: breath, words, writings, typographic letters and code programming.A naive machine to produce text, sign and signal is made, based on the metaphor of the palimpsest.
Originally, a palimpsest was a parchment which had been scratched out or erased with a pumice stone. In this manner, it could be reused several times for new writings, “rewritable”. No piece of sound or movie is preliminary recorded on the computer. The whole piece is playing in realtime and follows one simple partition divided in three parts.


Karen Curley (NZ), Servando Barreiro (ES)

pikseliveKCSB pikseliveKCSB1 [i/o] presents a connected organic environment, where sound is generated by filmic transformations and visual projections are in turn influenced by audio events.
[i/o] offers an innovative approach to the manipulation of realtime media through the adoption of gestural and tactile interfaces, which each performer utilizes as both a method of control and also as a means of creation.
[i/o] is focused on a seamless exploration of crossovers between warm analogue textures and sharp digital crispness, with regard to both the sensory output it conveys and the mechanisms of its construction.


Julien Ottavi (FR), Ryan Jordan(UK)

pikseliveJORJ pikseliveJORJ1NoiseTEK battle by harsh noise & punk giants JULIEN OTTAVI & RYAN JORDAN.
Hercules fight of decibels.
Seismic punch in your face
Loud & dirty!