Festival for Free/Libre and Open Source Audiovisual Software and Art.

This year the Piksel 05 catalog published for the first time The Libre Culture Manifesto by David M. Berry and Giles Moss. Isabelle Arvers joins efforts with Gisle Frøysland to build up the program NO FUN, as part of the collaboration with Pixelache in Helsinki and Mal au Pixel in Paris, about games made by artists as opposition to consumerism and spam on information society. The festival is divided into parts for the first time: Kickstart, No fun exhibition, Installations, Game OVER performances, SOFTWARE, technologies, and Collectives. The catalog made by Marieke is something to read again.

Discussion and debates on how things should be done in real-time video plugin development keep high. As Herman Robak wrote in his article in LINUX magazine 5/2005:

“An important development project under Piksel’s auspices is the video framework LiViDO. It aims to become a standard plugin architecture for video. The developers of LiViDO had daily meetings during Piksel05. The discussion about how things should be done was heated. When they finished, there was great relief that they had managed to agree.”

dyne.org / Sustainable Source
Jaromil (NL/IT
Federico Bonelli (NL/IT)
Janet Casey (US)
Eleonora Oreggia (NL/IT)
Kysucix (IT)
MrGoil (DE)

veejay crew
Matthijs van Henten (NL)
Niels Elburg (NL)

Hackitectura.net – delcorp.org
Pablo Martin (ES)
Tatiana de la O.(ES/AR)
Elena Martinez (ES)
Pablo Soto (ES)

David Turner (US)

Kentaro Fukuchi (JP)
Carlo Prelz (NL/IT)
Andraz Tori (SL)
Bostjan Spetic (SL)
Ben Bogart (CA)
Mathieu Bouchard (CA)
Daniel Fischer (DE)
Yves Degoyon (FR/ES)
Sergio Moreno a.k.a. chaser (ES)
David Galligani (ES/IT)
Ramiro Cosentino (AT/AR)
Salsaman (UK)
Georg Holzmann (AT)
David Hately (UK)
Suzi Webster (CA)
Jordan Benwick (CA)
Marloes (NL)
Piksel05 exhibition
Robert Praxmarer (AT)
Florian Berger (AT)
Tim Boykett (AT/AU)
Malte Steiner (DE)
Achim wollscheid (DE)
Alejo Duque (CH/CO)
Lorenz Schori (CH)
Piksel05 performance
Chun Lee (UK/TW)
Aymeric Mansoux (NL/FR)
Erich Berger (NO/AT)
Bjørnar Habbestad (NO)
Jeff Carey (US)
Billy Roisz (AT)
Dieter Kovacic (AT)
Cyrille Henry (FR)
Nicolas Montgermont (FR)
Martin Howse (ES/UK)
Jonathan Kemp (UK)

DRONE collective
Mathieu Guindon (CA)
Julien Keable (CA)
Jean-Sebastien Senecal (CA)
Samuel St-Aubin (CA)
Jonathan Villeneuve (CA)

GePhex crew
Martin Bayer (DE)

Fokke de Jong (NL)
Lodewijk Loos (NL)

SolarDuo Project
Koray Tahiroglu (TR/FI)
Joni Lyytikainen (FI)

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Piksel05 video released!

The official Piksel05 video covering the KickstART and VjBattle events is finally released.
Beautifully put together in a nice DVD wrapping by Ingvild Hellesøy, it grabs some of the magic moments of the festival in an excellent way.

Download the individual videos here:
KickstART @ HKS – piksel05-kickstart.ogg (33,5Mb Ogg/Theora)
VjBattle @ the Bunker – piksel05-vjbattle.ogg (12,5Mb Ogg/Theora)
and as a ready to burn DVD image here: PIKSEL05_dvd.iso (676Mb)

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GridFlow 0.8.2

Mathieu Bouchard has released a new version of GridFlow which we had the pleasure of getting a peek at during Piksel05. GridFlow is ‘a multidimensional dataflow processing library for PureData and Ruby, designed for interactive multimedia’.

Here’s the changelog:

version 0.8.2 (2006.03.17):

* Ruby 1.9 required
* removed jmax2pd
* fixes of various compilation problems
* new object classes: [realtimer], [#export_pix], [#import_pix],
[#border], [#fft]
* beginning support for LTIlib. new object classes:
[lti], [lti.meanShiftSegmentation], etc.
* added “load” method in [gridflow]. (thanks Claude)
* automatic attribute generator for C++
* added “help” and “get” methods to *all* classes (!!!)
* no more “make install”
* not using mkmf.rb (ruby’s makefile generator) anymore
* removed –debug-harder (use “valgrind” instead)

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Fargerik datakunst – Piksel05 report

Fargerik datakunst

article about Piksel05 by Herman Robak for LINUXmagasinet nr 5/2005 (norwegian) is now available as a pdf.

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Piksel @ Make Art

By the end of this month, the rapidly expanding GOTO10 collective are organising Make Art – ‘a festival dedicated to the integration of “free and open source” software in electronic art’ in Poitiers, France.

I have been invited to do a presentation of Piksel05 and join a panel about the future strategies of open source in the context of digital art.
It’s very nice to see this kind of events popping up all over the place these days and I’m looking forward to meet new FLOSSminded ppl and probably some Piksel regulars too 🙂

More at the Make Art 2006 site.

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MapOMatix 0.004 [ codename psychogeowiki ]

The MapOMatix project which aims to be ‘A Collaborative Platform For Tactical Cartography’ has been released in version 0.004. MapOMatix was presented at Piksel05 by Yves Degoyon and Chaser, and the technology seems to be picked up by an increasing number of hactivist and artivist projects already. For instance, check out the Piksel map made by Alejo Duque from the S.O.U.P. team covering the different Piksel05 locations in Bergen.

Here’s the full announcement.

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Piksel05 :: game_over

We are wrapping up piksel05 tonight with audiovisual performances in ‘the bunker’.


21:30 — Erich Berger
22:00 — ap
23:00 — SolarDuo
23:30 — 0xA
00:00 — Ben Bogart

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megaPiksel VJ battle

The megaPiksel VJ battle takes place tonight – saturday october 22. @ 2100-0300.

Some of the best free software VJs the world can offer doing their trix on 4 parallell projections. All taking place in ‘the bunker’ to the beats of Andres G. and the piksel DJ team.


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David Turner (FSF) on trusted computing

David Turner (FSF) delivered a very interesting and engaged speach about the dangers of trusted computing thursday evening. It’s now available online for downloading as an mpeg video (150Mb).
Among the things he brought up in addition to the DRM threat, was the upcoming GPL3 and some interesting theories about the background for Apples switch to Intel. He also had some critical views on Creative Commons licensing.

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Piksel05 catalog online

The Piksel05 catalog was finished yesterday, just in time for the exhibition opening at HKS. Marieke has done a great job putting it all together based on the collaborative gathering of material through the piksel wiki. It’s now available online here: piksel05_catalog_72dpi.pdf

Enjoy! 🙂

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Streams from the bunker.

Thanks to Kysucix from dyne.org we now have streams from most of the presentations in ‘the bunker’. Kysucix are streaming directly from FreeJ using a simple webcam,so the image quality is not the best, but you should still be able to get a good impression of what’s going on. More info and links to the stream here: http://www.piksel.no/piksel05/streams.htm.

There’s also a irc channel for remote interaction at: irc.freenode.net #piksel

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Piksel05 :: KickstART

Tonight the grand opening of Piksel05 takes place at HKS. We’re kickstARTing from around 20:00 with an audiovisual concert featuring some of the best free software performers around.
Going from hardcore minimalist glitch via cheesy 3d electronica to noisepop polical extravagansa, it should be a feast for a wide range of interests. Anders g. is spinning freeky beats between the acts.

Check the program here: P05_kickstART

See y’all there!!

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  • 🌩️ Join us for one last Stormy Thursday!🌩️📅 Date: 21st March🕔 Time: 17:00-20:00📍 Location: Piksel Studio, Strandgaten 207Get ready for an evening packed with engaging discussions and knowledge exchange at Piksel Studio. Our team will unveil exciting updates on our IDLE Cyber Salong, now adorned with captivating interactive instruments!Images from IDLE cyber salong and previous Stormy Thursdays Don't miss out! See you there! 👋

    20 March 2024 @ 11:56 am

    Our friends from Lifepatch in Yogyakarta needs help to rebuild their roof that has collapsed due to termite damage and heavy rains.

    1 March 2024 @ 2:21 pm

    🌟 Friendly Reminder: Get ready for another exciting Stormy Thursdays this week! 🌪️ Join us as we look at Hydra, learning how to wield its powers with any MIDI controller or keyboard. 🎹🕹️ https://hydra.ojack.xyz/ Plus, we will look at controlling a Praxis Live project using a MIDI keyboard.As always, there'll be dedicated time to work independently on your own projects.See you Thursday, 29/2 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, from 17:00-20:00. #PikselFest #StormyThursdays

    29 February 2024 @ 11:16 am

    🌩️ Stormy Thursday`s at Studio 207! 🌩️Join us today for yet an exciting edition of Stormy Thursdays! James will be giving a short demo of the game he's currently crafting; Wee boats, starring Beffen. With lots of cool open-source tools to highlight, it looks to be an interesting evening! 🎮✨
    📅 Date: Today 22.02-24🕔 Time: 17:00 - 20:00📍 Location: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207
    #StormyThursdays #PikselFest #GameDemo #OpenSourceMagic #Studio207

    22 February 2024 @ 3:43 pm

    PIKSEL Kidz Lab 2024 – Plants & Soft Sensors / LIVE CODING
    21st and 25th MayDiscovering Plant Magic: A Sensory Adventure with Soft Sensors for KidZ
    29th – 31st MayCreate your own show with live coding visuals. LIVE Coding!

    15 February 2024 @ 10:30 am

    Stormy ThursdaysEach Thursday for the upcoming weeks, Piksel are hosting a series of workshops, creating a space for exploration, creativity and community. Anyone intrigued by the intersection of art and technology are welcome to join, interact, share and work on own projects and ideas.
    The workshops takes place each Thursday from 17:00 – 20:00 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207.
    More info: https://piksel.no/2024/01/14/stormy-thursdays-open-workshopsWe also have a Discord meeting room: https://discord.gg/QyK9Apyq

    24 January 2024 @ 9:21 pm

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