Mathieu Bouchard has released a new version of GridFlow which we had the pleasure of getting a peek at during Piksel05. GridFlow is ‘a multidimensional dataflow processing library for PureData and Ruby, designed for interactive multimedia’.

Here’s the changelog:

version 0.8.2 (2006.03.17):

* Ruby 1.9 required
* removed jmax2pd
* fixes of various compilation problems
* new object classes: [realtimer], [#export_pix], [#import_pix],
[#border], [#fft]
* beginning support for LTIlib. new object classes:
[lti], [lti.meanShiftSegmentation], etc.
* added “load” method in [gridflow]. (thanks Claude)
* automatic attribute generator for C++
* added “help” and “get” methods to *all* classes (!!!)
* no more “make install”
* not using mkmf.rb (ruby’s makefile generator) anymore
* removed –debug-harder (use “valgrind” instead)