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One of the exciting new things in Piksel05 is the exhibition which opens at Hordaland Kunstsenter on wednesday october 19. at 1900 hours. The exibition is co-curated by Isabelle Arvers and myself as a part of our cooperation with the pixelACHE 2006 festival in Helsinki and Mal au Pixel 2006 in Paris. Some of the projects will be selected to be shown in Helsinki and/or Paris.
Isabelle has just published a curatorial statement and there’s more info on the exhibited works here.

Piksel05 promo sneekpeek

Tomorrow wednesday october 12. there will be a pre-piksel05 promo stunt at a giant outdoor cinema at Festplassen in the middle of Bergen. As part of the kickoff event for BergArt, an umbrella for several october festivals in Bergen, we will have a 4 minute slot where VJ masters from Montreal, DRONE team will do their thing.
Somehow a shock start for DRONE, who will land at Flesland at 15:45 just to go strait to Festplassen for setup and preparations for the gig which starts at 19:15. Way to go!

More about the event here (all norwegian I’m afraid)

PDContainer release 0.2

Georg Holzman just announced a new release of his PDContainer library for PD.

PDContainer is in his own words “made for algorithmic composition and of course for all other algorithms. I came into troubles with making bigger musical structures in PD with send-receive pairs, arrays, etc. So I tried to make it possible, to have access to some storage in a whole patch.”

Georg is coming to Piksel05 to present another of his creations, the PDradio project – a collaborative webradio for the PD community made together with Winfried Ritsch.

Drone Team at Piksel05

Canadian collective Drone Team is coming to Piksel for the first time this year, and have just announced their specially commisioned pre-piksel05 residency to do a collaborative installation together with the S.O.U.P krew (Switzerland/Columbia) – also Piksel first-timers.

The Drone Team is a collective of artist-developers based around the use and development of Drone – a GePhex-like app for Vj’ing and installations. They are also heavily involved in development of Frei0r plugins, and we expect to see some new Frei0r stuff coming out of Piksel05 brainstorming.

Their announcement below:

Livido licensing dispute

In the last hectic days before piksel05 there’s currently a lot of activity going on in all corners of the earth in preparation for our gathering here in Bergen. Among them is the latest dispute on the piksel-dev list to find the right license for the Livido specs. As we all know Livido itself will be licensed under the LGPL, but the question now is how to license the specs, which is a document defining Livido functionality and design. The two positions is to either license it under a restricted license like the CC No Change license to be able to freeze the specs to avoid subversioning, or to keep it open for change through something like the GNU FDL.

Currently there is a vote going on between the Livido developers and so far we have 2 votes in favor of a restricted license, and are waiting for the decisions of the remaining 2 developers.

Hopefully this will be the last remaining obstacle before we can see a Livido 1.0 release. 🙂

pre-piksel05 project – Collective Publication

After a brief brainstorming with Pepe yesterday we decided to launch a
pre-piksel05 project to make a collective piksel05 publication. The
publication will work as a catalog of all activities and events and will
mainly contain brief presentations of all program entries + some longer
related articles.

Piksel05 poster

The first draft of the piksel05 poster/flyer is ready for the world. Enjoy!
(click on thumb for the pdf)

piksel04 – the movie!

Finally, after an endless series of prereleases, I am very pleased to announce the final, ultimate and finished Piksel04 movie.

Nicely put together and shrikwrapped by our master video loglady Silje Jacobsen.

Check it out!!

Ogg/Theora – Broadband 320×240 – 47Mb

Ogg/Theora – High Quality 640×480 – 115Mb

more formats to come in the same spot.


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