PIXEL LAB – CLOSING EVENT | 24, 25 & 26 APRIL 2015 (Paris)



24, 25 & 26 April 2015
@ la Gaite lyrique, Paris

with : Nicolas Maigret, Brendan Howell, Benjamin Cadon, Jake Harries,
Owen Kelly, Susanne Palzer, Collectif Dardex, Maite Carajaville,
Andrew Gryf Paterson, Gwenola Wagon, Stéphane Degoutin, Philippe Vasset,
Inke Arns, Albert Laine …


&& http://gaite-lyrique.net/restitution-pixel-lab



As the closing event of Mal au Pixel’s one year long Pixel Lab program,
we are organizing a full week-end of performances, talks and workshops,
addressing technologies and innovation critically, with an ecological

On this occasion, Pixel Lab will examine and collectively reflect on of
some of the very topical questions raised by the « digital tsunami » :
the transformations of identities and sociabilities ; the speculation on
the value of social capital in the era of social networks ; the
concentration and centralization of the web in a context of global
surveillance ; the rise of supra-human algorithmic networked entities,
etc …



Friday 24th April 2015, 8PM, La Gaité lyrique, Auditorium
– “The Pirate Cinema” – Brendan Howell & Nicolas Maigret
– “Spams Lifts Us Up Where We Belong, …” – Jake Harries
– “Attack Me Please At 2.432 GHz” – Benjamin Cadon

Saturday 25th April 2015, 2PM > 6PM, La Gaité lyrique, Plateau Média
– Owen Kelly, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Maite Cajaraville, Brendan Howell,
Susanne Palzer, Collectif Dardex.

Sunday 26th April 2015, 4PM > 7PM, La Gaité lyrique, Auditorium
– “World Brain”, by Gwenola Wagon & Stéphane Degoutin,
followed by a discussion with Stéphane Degoutin & Philippe Vasset
– “Eigenvalue : Technology as an Acting Subject” – Inke Arns

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April 2015, 2PM > 6PM, La Gaité lyrique
– “Gold Diggers” – Albert Laine
– “Data Sonification” – Benjamin Cadon

Full program on http://www.malaupixel.org

&& http://gaite-lyrique.net/restitution-pixel-lab


Within the context of la Gaité lyrique’s Laboratoire Ouvert residency
program, Mal au Pixel has proposed from May 2014 to April 2015, a cycle
of open meetings, gatherings and workshops offering critical points of
view on current, emerging or future technologies. Artist and researchers
have been invited to transmit their know-how during a workshop, in areas
such as liquid data transmission low-tech systems to organic matter
based computers, celestial bodies tracking devices, Tempest based
radios, or even, cybernetic ghosts detectors.

In Parallel, Mal au Pixel and the Pixelache Network have conducted from
2013 to 2015, a cycle of international meetings and workshops. An
initiative gathering five European structures dedicated to open source
and open hardware : Pixelache (FI), Piksel (NO), Pikslaverk (IS) and
Access Space (UK). These collaborations aimed to build and feed a
database of resources and documentation on organizing festivals,
supported, the European fund Grundtvig.

Pixel Lab has been developed as part of a larger EU Grundtvig supported
project called Open Sourcing Festivals, co-produced by five experimental
art, design and technology organizations from the Pixelache Network and
focused on open source culture. Open Sourcing Festivals is a mobile
circuit of workshops and seminars organized across Europe during
2013-2015 by Piksel (NO), Pikslaverk (IS), Mal au Pixel (FR) and
Pixelache (FI). In the process the partners have been gradually working
towards ‘open-sourcing’ the knowledge embodied in their respective
workshops and festival production, in order to share it with a broader
range of users. A database of resources and documentation is under
construction and accessible at http://opensourcingfestivals.eu

In partnership with Pixelache Network. http://www.network.pixelache.ac
With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation for Life Long Learning.


Mal au Pixel is produced by Artkillart



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PikselSavers 2012 Oct. 5 – 7 @ Gallery KIT during Meta.Morf in Trondheim


PikselSavers is a screening programme of short movies and software art curated by the Piksel festival. PikselSavers was commissioned by and first shown at the biennial for art and technology in Trondheim, Meta. Morf 2010. It was later presented at Pixelache Helsinki in March 2011 and at The Norwegian Telecom Museum during summer 2011.

The programme was selected based on an open call for participation and the 1st edition included 10 contributions from artists working in a wide range of digital media and techniques.

PikselSavers takes the screensaver as a point of departure and inspirational springboard. They are videos and software art based on the screensaver format – short audiovisual (non)narratives made for endless looping. Possible thematic fields include -but are not limited to: sustainable resource allocation, renewable technologies, energy harvesting, fair trade hardware, free content, open access, DIY economy, and shared development.

For the Piksel festival in 2011, two additional works were included in the PikselSavers series and from 2012 it was included as a specific thematic track in the Piksel festival programme.

PikselSavers 2012 edititon will be presented at the Meta.Morf festival in Trondheim October 5-7 at Gallery KiT. For the opening night on Friday October 5th it will be accompanied by the Piksel A/V system.



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Piksel11 & Pixelache Software of the Year 2012



We are pleased to announce that the Pixelache Software of the Year 2012 title is this time given to din – din is noise and will be featured at Piksel through a workshop, presentation and concert.

din is a Free software musical instrument exclusively for the  GNU/Linux operating system made by the Indian programmer S. Jagannathan. din – din is noise presents an innovative way of generating live music from a  simple visual interface based on Bezier curves, and is a good example of how creative and DIY technologies can foster new approaches and solutions that escapes the leading rules of the software industry.

It forgets history,
To not repeat it.

It doesnt hide analog music hardware,
In digital music software.

You had pulse, sine, triangle and sawtooth,
And went forth and made electronic music.

Now there is just the Bezier curve.

Pixelache Software of the Year is an initiative by Pixelache Network, started in 2008. The chosen software for the first year was Animata, a live animation software by Kitchen Budapest. In 2010 it was divided by the live CD distributions pure:dyne between GOTO10 and APODIO by APO33.

More information:
din – din is noise

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MAL AU PIXEL festival


open source cultures festival

June 9-19, 2011 – Paris


——– with ——–

HONF, IB:SC | Utopies Monétaires Internationales : Paolo
Cirio, Mansour Ciss Kanakassy & Baruch Gottlieb, Enric Duran, Christian
Nold, Dyndy | DRIFT: Martin Tétreault, eRikm, Arnaud Rivière, DJ Sniff  |
WJ-SPOT | Altlabs meeting | artisans numériques
| DIY Music : Casper
Electronics, Emmanuelle Gibello, Das OS | Mario de Vega | Horia Cosmin Samoila
| Transmissions : Art of Failure, Benjamin Cadon, Alejo Duque | Vincent
Epplay, Sebastien Roux, Sally Golding, chdh, {eab}…

——– 6 ——–

Mal au Pixel festival consists of exhibitions, workshops, public
meetings and concert series.

For its sixth edition, Mal au Pixel program weaves open
dialogs on digital creation, through different public meetings : WJ-SPOT, Altlabs and Artisans Électroniques (Digital
Craftmen).  We gather together many role-player on the independant digital
art scene, may it be immaterial through shared Internet experiences, or
physical with the open-source solutions as cultivated in many independant labs.

We will further explore bio and social issues, by hosting
the House Of Natural
(Indonesia) in a residency, for the Intelligent Bacteria
project, applying open source to microbiology and alcohol distillation.

With the exhibition and meeting series Utopies Monétaires Internationales (International
Monetary Utopias), we will unveil several researches on alternative currencies,
from artistic experiences to actual prototypes.

DRIFT, another
main spot of the festival, invites four creative « turntablists » for
crossed performances : eRikm, Arnaud Rivière, Martin Tétreault, DJ
Sniff.  The performance will be carved onto an experimental
record, being capable of random play.

In the Transmissions
performances event, the artists play with different radio wavelenghts and
signals. The DIY Music
concert will showcase inventor of electronic instruments, such as Casper
Electronics. And with I-R-L event,
the latest audivisual experiences are put to the test.

And this new edition will offer the opportunity to meet up
with the different Pixelache nodes and to figure out an event in 2012… to
celebrate the network’s 10 years.

See you there !

——– partners  ——–

In partnership with : la Gaîté Lyrique, la Maison des Métallos, la Fonderie de
l’Image, la Dynamo,
Plateforme, Espace en Cours, Espace d’En Bas, le Bouillon Belge

and : Upgrade!
Paris & MCD, IRL, les Instants Chavirés, Ars Longa

With the support
of : CNC – Dicréam | Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie |
Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France

——– links  ——–

La Gaîté
1 /06 – Art in Culture
workshop by HONF



Drift @ Dynamo – 16 //06


Utopies Monétaires talks, with Upgrade!Paris

in MCDates @ Maison des Metallos  – 17 /06



Utopies Financières Internationales @ Plateforme 9 – 19



10 & 11/06 – Altlabs Meetings,
WJspots, HONF




Artisans Numériques day at la Fonderie de l’Image le


« Diffractions Transmutatoires » opening at l’Espace d’en Bas, on
June 10th

And  Michel Guillet concert on 18th


I-R-L VJ performances on  June 18th, with Sally
Golding, Vincent Epplay & Sebastien Roux, chdh, {eab}


——– partner events  ——–


From June 8 to 10, Nantes

Meeting organized by PING


PiNG welcomes you to
LABtoLAB@Nantes, 3 days of international meetings on digital creation,
workshops, concerts and performances. This event is part of LABtoLAB meetings
series, started in 2009, between several eropean medialabs.

du Paris-Villette,

des scènes virtuelles

From June 15 to 25


Mélanie Couillaud | Jean-François Peyret | Cécile Saint-Paul
| Annie Abrahams | Lucille Calmel | Eric Watt | Marie Piemontese | Marie
Marfaing | Bérénice | Milad | Véronique Aubouy | Scénographies Open…

19 projects on a theater stage, or
outdoors and distantly, using the networked communication territories. A
patchwork of stages, both real and virtual.

——– ++

Full program on : http://www.malaupixel.org

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Pixelache Helsinki 2010 / Call for Participation

: : :

Pixelache Helsinki 2010
25-28 March

Call for Participation

>> www.pixelache.ac/helsinki

Deadline Wednesday 20 January!

: : :

(continue reading…)

Festival Mal au Pixel #4 / art + écologie / du 2 au 7 juin


MAL AU PIXEL #4 / Mal au futur ?
Electronic subcultures festival
June 2nd to 7th 2009 / www.malaupixel.org

EXHIBITION • opening on Tuesday June 2nd • From 6pm to 11pm
Until Sunday June 7th • free entrance

Mal au Pixel festival brings together young digital artists and unconventionnal electronics : unexpected technologies, prototypes and open ended events. For the 4th edition of the festival, we will once more be looking  at connecting technology, urban electronics and environmental issues, this time to investigate our ecological beliefs.

With : Richard Box (UK), HeHe (Fr), Beatriz da Costa (US), Nicolas Montgermont et Nicolas Maigret (Fr), Jenny Pickett et Julien Ottavi (UK, Fr), Djeff Regottaz (Fr), Calvacreation (Ve, Fr), Maja Djordjevic (Sr). (continue reading…)

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Pixelache 2009 impressions

Pixelache 2009 continues in it’s 2nd day with exhibition openings, presentations, seminars and performances.

Images from the events are available in the gallery and on flickr.

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Pixelache 2009

pixelache 2009 container

pixelache 2009 av hacking container

Piksel sister festival and long time collaborator Pixelache are hosting their 2009 edition in Helsinki this weekend.

Piksel are following the activities which this year has no official theme but loosely gravitates around issues of alternative economies and environmental sustainability.

Pictured above is the audiovisual hacking container on exhibit outside the Kiasma centre. It features works resulting from the audiovisual hacking workshop featuring piksellites Koelse and Gijs Gieskes. Gijs will also do a club performance showing some of his latest instruments during the festival.

  • Piksel Fest Spill is kicking off its second round of activities with a focus on Live Coding. On June 8th, guest artists @blazp and @flordefuego will perform using virtual instruments through Hydra at Studio 207. The event will be streamed online for an international audience.
    Date: June 8thTime: 23:00-00:00 CEST (Doors open at 22:00)Location: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, BergenOnline stream: https://www.twitch.tv/pikselfestEntrance: FreeThis event is part of the ICLC Satellite Events.

    7 June 2024 @ 12:08 pm

    Dear friends and Piksel lovers,
    Reminder: Tomorrow at 18:00, join us at Studio 207, Piksel, Bergen for the opening of Silent Vegetal Thoughts by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde (ES). Their installation lets plants control IoT systems, manipulating lights and sound.
    Saturday, May 25th:
    14:00: Artist Presentation 15:00-18:00: Workshop (Register at piksel24 (AT) piksel.no)
    Details: https://piksel.no/2024/05/07/piksel-fest-spill-2024-2 & https://piksel.no/2024/04/22/piksel-fest-spill-2024
    regards, Piksel Team

    23 May 2024 @ 1:54 pm

    🌿 Piksel Fest Spill 2024 🌿Join us in May and June for Piksel Fest Spill! Explore "Silent Vegetal Thoughts" in a captivating exhibition and dive into plant magic with workshops for kids and adults. Plus, exciting news: Ohanda One, the zero emission ocean vessel born from Piksel 16, is becoming a reality! 🌱🎨🌊 #PikselFestSpill2024 #PlantMagic #OhandaOne
    Read more in our newsletter: https://piksel.no/about/news?email_id=50

    26 April 2024 @ 3:47 pm

    🌩️ Join us for one last Stormy Thursday!🌩️📅 Date: 21st March🕔 Time: 17:00-20:00📍 Location: Piksel Studio, Strandgaten 207Get ready for an evening packed with engaging discussions and knowledge exchange at Piksel Studio. Our team will unveil exciting updates on our IDLE Cyber Salong, now adorned with captivating interactive instruments!Images from IDLE cyber salong and previous Stormy Thursdays Don't miss out! See you there! 👋

    20 March 2024 @ 11:56 am

    Our friends from Lifepatch in Yogyakarta needs help to rebuild their roof that has collapsed due to termite damage and heavy rains.

    1 March 2024 @ 2:21 pm

    🌟 Friendly Reminder: Get ready for another exciting Stormy Thursdays this week! 🌪️ Join us as we look at Hydra, learning how to wield its powers with any MIDI controller or keyboard. 🎹🕹️ https://hydra.ojack.xyz/ Plus, we will look at controlling a Praxis Live project using a MIDI keyboard.As always, there'll be dedicated time to work independently on your own projects.See you Thursday, 29/2 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, from 17:00-20:00. #PikselFest #StormyThursdays

    29 February 2024 @ 11:16 am

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