In 2006 Eleonora Oreggia wrote about the Piksel 06 edition: The collaboration of an artist and a programmer, Gisle Frøysland and Carlo Prelz , to prepare a video processing real-time software named Møb became an annual appointment by the unique and marked characteristics. The liberty and sharing of the knowledge are the heart of the festival. It lasts almost a week and attracts people all over Europe, Japan , Canada , Brazil and many others. Days of sharing, there are breakfasts, workshops, dinner and performances during the night.

The Piksel is actually a community, whose primary organs are the mailing lists, indexed on line and free access. It is not a closed community. The discussion are public and considered public utility.

Piksel is a bridge between hack-meetings and artistic festivals.

They so give birth to Livido, a framework to share video effects, Frei0r , similar but optimized for the real-time elaboration, and Videojack , a program to exchange video between different applications. Only Frei0r made success. Videojack and Livido are still in phase of development. The chaotic and anarchic nature of the free software made everything difficult. The free software is a multiform trend, it is not easy to understand and explain in a few words. It could be talked by the politic, technical, ethic or economic but even didactic side.


# Frei0r


#VJ tools


Kentaro Fukuchi (JP)

Gabriel Finch aka Salsaman (UK)

Niels Elburg (NL)

Carlo Prelz (IT/NL)

Martin Bayer (DE)

Georg Seidel (DE)

Scott Draves (US)

Jörg Piringer (AU)

Dave Griffiths (UK)

Luka Frelih (SL)

Øyvind Kolås aka Pippin (NO)

Richard Spindler (AU)

Adam Hyde (AUS/NL)

Mathieu Bouchard (CA)

Enrike Hurtado Mendieta (ES)


Lasse Marhaug (NO)

Daniel Skoglund (SE)

Gisle Frøysland (NO)

Gullibloon (AU/DE)

David Cuartielles (SE/ES)

Koray Tahiroglu (TR)

Enrique Tomas (ES)

Johannes Kreidler (DE)

Rob Munro (UK)

Yves Degoyon (FR/ES)

Alejandra Perez Nunez (CL/NL)

Fokke de Jong (NL)

Audun Eriksen (NO)

Fabianne Balvedi (BR)

Paris Treantafeles (US)

Nanofamas (HK)


WhiteHouse (UK)

*GOTO 10

Aymeric Mansoux (FR/UK)

Marloes de valk (NL/UK)

Chun Lee (TW/UK)

Tom Schouten (BE)

Thomas Vriet (FR)

Antonios Galanopoulos (GR/UK)

Jan-Kees van Kampen (NL)

Ben Bogart (CA)


Wilfried Hou Je Bek (NL)

Bruno Marchal (BE)

Otto Roessler (AU/DE)

Eva Verhoeven (NL)

Martin Howse (UK)

Jonathan Kemp (UK)

Tom Schouten (BE)

Aymeric Mansoux (FR/UK)

Marloes de valk (NL/UK)

Valentina Vuksic (DE)


Association of experimental electronics (FI)

Christian Faubel (DE)

Malte Steiner (DE)

Emanuel Andel (AU)

Christian Güetzer (AU)

Gebhard Sengmüller (AU)

Federico Bonelli (IT/NL)

Tez (IT/NL)

Eleonora Oreggia (IT/NL)

Silvano “kysucix” Galliani (IT)

APO33 collective (FR)

Alexandre Castonguay (CA)

Stephanie Brodeur (CA)

Darsha Hewitt (CA)

Ben Dembroski (UK)

Gabriel Menotti (BR)

Valentina Vuksic (DE)

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DigiMag piksel06 report

Italian online magazine Digimag features a Piksel06 report written by Eleonora Oreggia and Silvano Kysucix. The article is partly based on an irc interview with yours truly which is now included in the latest italian version of the magazine, and can be read in english here.

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p06 report @ Vj France

For our frenchspeaking readers, here’s a report from the VJ France blog, featuring lots of truly spectacular photos from the Piksel06 live and presentations programme.

Check it out!

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post-p06: The Ball In The Hole video and photos

‘The ball in the hole’ is an interactive installation by Kysucix & Xname, shown for the first time at the Piksel06 exhibition.

Some videos and images from the installation are now online.


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report: CHAOS MICRO MEDIA at PIKSEL festival (2006)

The APO33 collective have posted a report on the Chaos Multimedias project – a workshop they hosted at piksel06, featuring bulding of transmitters/receivers, hacking electronic devices as well as installations and interventions in the Bunker and nearby city areas throughout the festival.

Read the report and check out the photoblog of the activities.

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Piksel06 photoblog online!

The Piksel06 photoblog is now up.

Additionally here’s some more pictures by The Association of Experimental Electronics on flickr:



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Gimp/GEGL presentation online

Øyvind Kolås’ Piksel06 presentation about the next-generation imaging core of the GIMP was recently featured in an article on linux.com:


Videos from the presentation is now online.
Watch them here:

GEGL-babl part 1 —– GEGL-babl part 2

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Piksel-dev dvd released!!

As a last minute special for Piksel06, David has just released the PikseLiveCD
developer dvd. It’s a first test of a developer version of the liveCD which
can be used for packaging apps to be made avaiable from a common repository.

Check it out!


It’s currently 1,4 Gb

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Piksel06 catalogue online

The piksel06 catalogue is now online.

Get it here: >>>>>>>

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The Really Free Movie Exhibition

The Really Free Movie Exhibition is the most politically correct action of Cine Falcatrua, a brazillian group that works in the bordeline between cinema’s hyper-authorized architecture and new media’s fluid ecology. It consists of screenings of copyleft movies downloaded from the Internet, whose url sources are beforehand revealed to the audience. The spectators are encouraged to download the movies and organize their own exhibitions, becoming curators themselves. All movies exhibited at Piksel06 can be downloaded through Cine Falcatrua’s blog or Piksel website.

During Piksel06 there will be a 1 hour screening with different movies each day of the festival. Check the schedule for when & where.

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Pisel06 :: workshops

Piksel06 features a selection of higly informative and practical hands on workshops:

– Go Forth! – build your own cheap synth from scratch by Tom Schouten and Aymeric Mansoux
– LiveCoding using Fluxus by Dave Griffiths
– CircuitBending audio toys by Audun Eriksen
– Howto build suneaters (solar-panel bots) by Christian Faubel
– Chaos Micromedias project by APO33 collective

All workshops take place in Teknikerkroen and are free for all to attend, but have limited number of seats. Most are 1/2 day workshops atarting at 1400 each day. The exception is the Chaos Micromedias project which is a continous intervention throughout the festival that ends up in an installation on display the last day.
Necessary materials will be supplied by the piksel crew. To sign up, please send a mail to piksel06 AT bek DOT no.

For more detailed info goto Piksel06 :: workshops

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piksel06 – hardware politics – programme online

70 participants from 20 countries gather in Bergen for 4 days of exchanging
art, code and ideas based on practical implementations of free culture.

Full programme now online!

Read the announcement here.

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  • 🌩️ Join us for one last Stormy Thursday!🌩️📅 Date: 21st March🕔 Time: 17:00-20:00📍 Location: Piksel Studio, Strandgaten 207Get ready for an evening packed with engaging discussions and knowledge exchange at Piksel Studio. Our team will unveil exciting updates on our IDLE Cyber Salong, now adorned with captivating interactive instruments!Images from IDLE cyber salong and previous Stormy Thursdays Don't miss out! See you there! 👋

    20 March 2024 @ 11:56 am

    Our friends from Lifepatch in Yogyakarta needs help to rebuild their roof that has collapsed due to termite damage and heavy rains.

    1 March 2024 @ 2:21 pm

    🌟 Friendly Reminder: Get ready for another exciting Stormy Thursdays this week! 🌪️ Join us as we look at Hydra, learning how to wield its powers with any MIDI controller or keyboard. 🎹🕹️ https://hydra.ojack.xyz/ Plus, we will look at controlling a Praxis Live project using a MIDI keyboard.As always, there'll be dedicated time to work independently on your own projects.See you Thursday, 29/2 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, from 17:00-20:00. #PikselFest #StormyThursdays

    29 February 2024 @ 11:16 am

    🌩️ Stormy Thursday`s at Studio 207! 🌩️Join us today for yet an exciting edition of Stormy Thursdays! James will be giving a short demo of the game he's currently crafting; Wee boats, starring Beffen. With lots of cool open-source tools to highlight, it looks to be an interesting evening! 🎮✨
    📅 Date: Today 22.02-24🕔 Time: 17:00 - 20:00📍 Location: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207
    #StormyThursdays #PikselFest #GameDemo #OpenSourceMagic #Studio207

    22 February 2024 @ 3:43 pm

    PIKSEL Kidz Lab 2024 – Plants & Soft Sensors / LIVE CODING
    21st and 25th MayDiscovering Plant Magic: A Sensory Adventure with Soft Sensors for KidZ
    29th – 31st MayCreate your own show with live coding visuals. LIVE Coding!

    15 February 2024 @ 10:30 am

    Stormy ThursdaysEach Thursday for the upcoming weeks, Piksel are hosting a series of workshops, creating a space for exploration, creativity and community. Anyone intrigued by the intersection of art and technology are welcome to join, interact, share and work on own projects and ideas.
    The workshops takes place each Thursday from 17:00 – 20:00 at Studio 207, Strandgaten 207.
    More info: https://piksel.no/2024/01/14/stormy-thursdays-open-workshopsWe also have a Discord meeting room: https://discord.gg/QyK9Apyq

    24 January 2024 @ 9:21 pm

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