Piksel06 features a selection of higly informative and practical hands on workshops:

– Go Forth! – build your own cheap synth from scratch by Tom Schouten and Aymeric Mansoux
– LiveCoding using Fluxus by Dave Griffiths
– CircuitBending audio toys by Audun Eriksen
– Howto build suneaters (solar-panel bots) by Christian Faubel
– Chaos Micromedias project by APO33 collective

All workshops take place in Teknikerkroen and are free for all to attend, but have limited number of seats. Most are 1/2 day workshops atarting at 1400 each day. The exception is the Chaos Micromedias project which is a continous intervention throughout the festival that ends up in an installation on display the last day.
Necessary materials will be supplied by the piksel crew. To sign up, please send a mail to piksel06 AT bek DOT no.

For more detailed info goto Piksel06 :: workshops