2003 – PIKSELXX – ARCHIVE – p1k53l –

When we look back to the archive we get nostalgic! See who was in Bergen at the first PIKSEL gathering in 2003. You may know most of the faces. Feel free to tag yourself!

Kentaro Fukuchi (Japan) – EffecTV

Jaromil Loyola (Austria/Italy) – FreeJ, HasciiCam and DyneBolic.

Martin Howse (U.K.)- ap02

Niels Elburg (Netherlands)- VeeJay

Gisle Frøysland ( Norway) -founder and maintainer of MøB –

Carlo Prelz (Netherlands/Italy) – MøB

Salsa Man Gabriel Finch (Salsaman) (Netherlands/UK) – LiVES. –

Yves Degoyon (France) – PiDiP for PureData

Lluis Gomez, Sara Rivera, Jordi Torrents (Catalonia)-Skeezo crew

Per Platou (Norway) – http://liveart.org/

Pedro Soler (Spain)

Simon de Bakker(Netherlands) – V2lab in Rotterdam,

Thomas Sivertsen (Norway)

Dursun Kocha (Netherlands) – VeeJay crew. .

Matthijs van Henten (Netherlands) -VeeJay crew. .

Tom Schouten (Belgia) – PDP for PureData.

Erich Berger (Austria/Norway) – http://randomseed.org

Peter Votava (Austria) – http://www.mego.at/pure.html

Artem Baguinski (Russia/Netherlands) – V2lab in Rotterdam.

Antoine van de Ven (Netherlands) – V2lab in Rotterdam,

Amy Alexander (VJ UberGeek) (USA)

Rama (Argentina/Spain) – http://rama.xicnet.com/media.php

Anders van Goghstadt

Lupo and Halutune.

Ellen Røed (Norway) – BEK

Trond Lossius (Norway) – BEK

Peter Pajchel (Norway/Polen) – re:actor crew

Christian Boen (Norway)

Rune Lossius (Norway)

Ole Kristensen (Denmark)
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