PIKSEL16 Festival ZERO-LEVEL, elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi.


From 24 to 27th of November, artists from a dozen of countries will meet at the PIKSEL International Festival in Bergen. Throughout concerts, installations, performances, workshops and presentations, artists will share different ways to look at our marine environment.


Artists struggle to make their own instruments, even if commercial brands compete to give the best features to the sound market, artists have proved to be more demanding. When this happens many of them start creating their own instruments, and share their findings with other musicians at international venues. This is what Piksel is about, an unique festival which requires artists to use only free technologies and open hardware and software to make their live shows.

From 24th to 27th of November, Piksel presents at Bergen the most outstanding audiovisual international performers devoted to this experimental scene. Hosted in several well known Bergen venues (Landmark, BAS), Piksel seeks to incorporate every year new spaces to catch up the Bergen spirit. This year that place is THE MILL. Situated at the end of the bay, this industrial building will open its doors to held the art exhibition and the Saturday night concerts. From 9pm to 3 am.

HALLOGENERATOR, ALGORAVE and Sista Piksel party will close the night events.


21:00 to 01:30
Schedule 24th NOV Opening Night AV Performances
21:00  “All That I Want Is Another Baby”, by Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due (NO) and Alexandra Cárdenas (MX)
21:45 Fake Ocean From Electronics, by Chloé Malaise Arthur Hureau (FR)
22:30 Vrangside by Gard Gitlestad (NO)
23:15 Turing Tape Music: The Sea Is Ground by Tom Schofield and John M Bowers (UK)
24:00 – 01:30 HALLOGENERATOR

21:00 to 02:30
Schedule 25th NOV Concerts and Performances
21:00  ###, by Marco Paúl Valdivia (PE)
21:45 Solo SuperCollider, by Bolka (Matus Kobolka) (SL)
22:30 5-HT_five Levels To Zero by Malte Steiner and Tina Madsen (DE/NE)
23:15 Enactment by Juan Carlos Duarte (MX)
24:00 – 01:30 ALGORAVE

21:00 to 03:00
Schedule 26th NOV Concerts and Performances
15:00 Body Interfaces: zero-level elevation, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK)
16:00 Intersect, soundwalk by Tim Shaw (UK)
17:00 Plain, Jonatan Pastircak & Jan Sicko (SK)

21:00 징WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26, Stefan Tiefengraber (AT)
21:45 ZERO-Point Energy, Ryan Jordan & GND LIVE CODING, Peter Gonda,  (UK & SK)
22:45 The heart is an oscillator, Constanza piña (CL)
24:00 SISTA PIKSEL! (Bergen/Norway)

Check out the program at http://16.piksel.no/
Find us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piksel.no/