• PIKSEL11 workshop series
  • Free and Open Creative Technology workshops

In connection with the PIKSEL11 festival we are offering in total 12 hardware and software workshops. All the workshops are free to attend, but for some of the hardware workshops there is a cost for materials.

To sign up or get more information, please contact us on piksel11 [AT] piksel.no or register directly at:


Schmutz| |Disrupter analog tools – MP19 collective
Thursday 17.11 11-16 @ PikselHut

In this workshop the participants will learn to make the analog performance tools Time Disrupter & Schmutz.
Material cost: NOK 100,-
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Gonzalo

Friday 18.11 11-16 @ PikselHut

ELECTROMAGNETIC CITYSCAPE is a workshop in which participants build a wearable device (from re-purposed objects) that makes electromagnetic fields audible and go into the city to explore these invisible fields.
Material cost: NOK 100,-
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Roger

Using the Milkymist One video synthesizer – Sébastien Bourdeauducq
Saturday 19.11 11-16 @ PikselHut

The Milkymist One is an open hardware live video synthesizer device – no computer needed! Connect a camera and a videoprojector, press the power button, and seconds later, everything you film becomes live psychedelic effects of color and light. Point the camera at a dancer on stage, at people attending your party, at toys, use UV-glow paint… there are no limits to creativity!
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Roger

Sudamerica Experimental Workshop – Cristiano Rosa, Daniel Llermaly
Sunday 20.11 11-16 @ PikselHut

Construction of devices developed in research laboratories of Sudamerica Experimental.
Applications for Audio: Atari Punk Console, Pulse sequence is Control Voltage, Subaquatic Bass Machine, Qadrox – Square Wave Generator, Little Bass, Space Mini Rocker
Applications for video: Saturated signal, Mini Mixer, Atari Punk Video
Material cost: NOK 100,-
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Llermaly


Workshop on CHDK – Aditya Zalewski Mandayam
Thursday 17.11 11-16 @ KNIPSU

This workshop will cover how to install and run CHDK on Canon point-and-shoot cameras. In keeping with Piksel’s focus on open-source technologies, there will exclusively be use of Linux and open source tools such as emacs, mplayer, ffmpeg, GIMP and imagemagick to teach participants how to gain fine-grained control over their cameras.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Mandayam

Visual Live Coding with Texture – Alex McLean
Friday 18.11 11-16 @ KNIPSU

This workshop will explore the use of Texture, a visual programming language designed for the live coding of pattern. Texture recognises the importance of space (e.g. prosody, handwriting, layout) in language by making arrangment in 2D Euclidean space part of the primary syntax of the language. All the user can do is move the cursor and type in text, but they can move the words around
freely in two dimensions, with connections made between words to compose functions, in order to build up rhythmic structure.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#McLean

OHANDA working session – Juergen Neumann, Tuomo Tammenpää
Friday 18.11 14-17 @ Kafe Knøderen

OHANDA, Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance, is an initiative to foster sustainable sharing of open hardware and design. Join us for this working session to discuss the tactics for raising awareness of open source hardware among larger audience and develop methods for sustainable sharing of the open source hardware designs & documentations.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Neumann

C/Overt operations with CCTV sniffing – Adnan Hadzi
Saturday 19.11 11-16 @ KNIPSU

Our main tool for this workshop will be easily to obtained, simple to use and perfectly legal video receivers that can intercept the data collected by small CCTV video cameras often placed covertly in shops, offices and other public/private spaces. But we will also use ordinary media-gathering devices,
our own eyes and ears and our social skills to identify and record evidence of covert operations in our midst, whether this is capturing gossip and rumour about the Piksel festival or observing city planners’ attempts to ‘design out’ specific social behaviours.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Hadzi

the 120days of *buntu – Gordan Savicic, Danja Vasiliev
Saturday 19.11 14-17 @ Kfe Knøderen

OS modification workshop.
The 120days of *buntu is a mash-up of 120 different Ubuntu operating systems (OS). Each OS is a self-contained Live CD/USB stick; any PC/Mac can be instantly booted from it. ‘The 120 days of *buntu’ project treats Operating Systems (Ubuntu Linux distributions) as public space, prone to modification by its habitants/users. The OS modification happens on all levels: from looks-and-
feel of User Interface (GUI), interaction model, visual and audio feedback and down to modified system tools and hacked kernel.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Savicic

din is noise – S Jagannathan
Sunday 20.11 11-16 @ KNIPSU

In this workshop S.Jagannathan invites people to learn how to use din to design their own sounds and improvise their music.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#SJagannathan

SonicDrift – the MemeLab
Sunday 20.11 14-17 @ Kafe Knøderen

SonicDrift is an Android application created by the memelab that serves as a framework for realtime creation, playback, and editing of locative-sound maps. With the ability to read the user’s GPS location and access the internal hardware, you can ‘write’ location-based audio recordings to the phone, and ‘read’ these recordings, by yourself or others.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Rosner


UKI game level one [infect the city] – Jara Rocha, Massimo Avvisati
Every day 17-20 nov. 11-12 @ KNIPSU

UKI game level 1 gathering/workshop with the following aims:
1) map out the city – define the routes for workshop participants to go out with mobilephone and QR code stickers to infect the city
2) preview and review the viral game one programming codes with workshop participants
3) work with workshop participants’ comments to improve and work on more codes everyday for next day presentation.
more info: http://www.piksel.no/p11/workshops11#Rocha

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