02.-08. August 2010
06.-08. August 2010

Skjerjehamn [Norway]

We are sorry to inform that the Piksel SummerCamp 2010 is cancelled.
Due to reorganization of management on the camp location, there has been a delay in setting up the practical framework for the stay and giving potential participants the information needed to confirm their arrival. We thank you for your interest, and hope to see you again at future Piksel events.


Piksel Summer Camp is international gathering of artists, developers and creators working with free and open technologies, taking place at the idyllic island of Skjerjehamn outside Bergen, Norway.

The Summer Camp is a participatory event aiming to bring forth new, fruitful collaborations, organized according to BarCamp principles and in the spirit of free and open source development.

The program will consist of presentations, workshops and performative events proposed and organized by the participants themselves, before and during the Summer Camp. A particular focus is set on hands-on exploration, discussion and development of tools and applications for open video editing technologies.

Among already registered participants you will find users and developers from projects such as Lumiera, FreiOr, Blender, Kdenlive and PureData.

Most of the Camp-program will be streamed, and made available online to the public for future reference.


Participation is open to everyone, and there is no fee.

As Skjerjehamn can only host a fixed number of participants you will need to sign up for the Summer Camp by using our online form or by sending an e-mail to: info[AT]piksel.no.

**Deadline: |||| 01. JULY 2010 ||||**


A complete list of registered participants can be found at www.piksel.no/pulse/summercamp

Here you will also find the wiki where you can propose Camp events, and practical information related to your stay at Skjerjehamn.

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