Alexandre Quessy  has just released Toonloop version 1.1 for Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux! The Debian packages for Toonloop and Pygame (its dependency) can be found at

New in Toonloop 1.1 :
* Added groups of options. One for each effect.
* Unified interface to GLSL effects.
* Added simplechroma, lumakey, leavecolor and brcosa effects.
* Background image is one taken using a special key stroke.
* Able to add or delete frames anywhere in a clip.
* Playback direction : forward, backward, back&forth.
* Display a progress bar when saving a clip.
* Shift-Q to quit, and not ESC anymore.

Comments Welcome

There is a lot of new documentation for new users. See the How-To at the URL. Any hint on how to improve the documentation is welcome. Make sure to try out the new effects by typing the “N” key in Toonloop. There are a few new screenshots at

Mailing List
Toonloop is going to be used in many events in the next few months. Please subscribe to the Toonloop mailing list if you are interested. See for the mailing list.

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