Salsaman just released  LiVES version 1.0.0-pre1. All features and APIs are now frozen for 1.0, only bug fixes will be made from now on until after the 1.0 release.

Here is the changelog for this version:

Fix resampling bug (regression).
Fix some problems with inserting selections in multitrack, and with
inserting audio after playback.
Fix potential crash in multitrack playback.
Fixed numerous layout loading bugs.
Trim frames/add border should resize to the border size.
Play back at correct speed when switching between files (regression). *
Allow mixing of background and foreground generators.
Allow setting of generator target fps.
More robust gtk+ startup.
Splash screen.
Many minor fixes and updates.
Initial translation to Simplified Chinese (thanks Yinghua Wang)
Updated translations to Italian, Japanese and Polish.

Release notes
* A bug in previous versions meant that sometimes when switching clips during playback, the clip switched to would play back at an incorrect speed. This bug has been fixed, but the incorrect speeds may remain after loading a clip set. To reset the speeds, use the menu option VJ -> Reset all playback speeds and positions.

Background and foreground generators can now be mixed in realtime. This can be done by mapping generators to two different effect keys. Then activate the first generator, activate a transition, and activate the second generator which will come on in the background.

Because of numerous bug fixes in this release, all users are advised to upgrade.

(source tar/bzip, 2.3MB)
(source tar/gzip 3.0MB)

b36ac5dfe0ad34a9bb8b9f1a393395b7  LiVES-1.0.0-pre1.tar.bz2
7738ba13bbd8c3decd073a5aa52b340d  LiVES-1.0.0-pre1.tar.gz

Because this is a pre-release for 1.0, it is important that people report any bugs found, no matter how trivial. Otherwise they may not get fixed for 1.0 !

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