MAKE ART 2009 – What The Fork?!
distributed and open practices in FLOSS art


make art is an international festival dedicated to the integration of
Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) in digital art.

The fourth edition of make art – What The Fork?! distributed and open
practices in FLOSS art – will take place in Poitiers (FR), from the 7th
to the 13th of December 2009.

make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an
exhibition, focused on the encounter between digital art and free

We’re currently seeking new, innovative FLOSS works and projects: music
and audiovisual performances, presentations, software demos, and

This year make art focuses on distributed and open practices in FLOSS
art.  ‘What the fork?!’ is about decentralisation. Forking is the new
black.  Forking, copying the source code of a project and continuing
work on the copy instead of the original, used to have a bad reputation.
It would split a project and its developer community in pieces, leading
to different, often incompatible, projects. Wasted effort, rivalry and
developer fights were all associated concepts. This is history. Forking
a project with the intention to compete with it is another story, but
the freedom to fork enables quick implementation of features and
customization, bypassing acquiring committer status, bugfix or feature
request protocol, working in a distributed way, together with others but
not necessarily towards one goal, working from one source,
cross-fertilising, inspiring, copying, patching, improving,
experimenting, changing direction, and merging. This practice is boosted
by decentralised software development tools, such as Darcs, Mercurial
and Git. It’s not about quick hacks, but about creating room to
experiment, letting go of the one working copy and creating a
multiplicity of ideas.

Deadline : 15th of July 2009.

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