OpenLab 5 : Cafe OTO, 25th April 2009

Openlab are providing a day of workshops & presentations about
opensource software, and performances in the evening at Cafe OTO,
Dalston. There is a venerable lineup of OpenLab members providing some
in depth knowledge during the day and some great performances at
night. The preliminary line up goes like this:


DAY: Workshops & Presentations : 12-5pm (free entry).


* Arduino + PD (Ryan Jordan) : Using Arduino and PureData

* SC + Processing (Daniel Jones) : Using Supercollider with Processing

* Pd/Gem + ergates (Chris McCormick) : PureData audiovisual software

* Groworld (Dave Griffiths) : Permaculture meets online games via  guerilla gardening

* Processing/Java/Eclipse/JOGL/GLSL(Rob Munro) : Techniquies for using  Processsing with the Eclipse IDE.(http://robmunro.net/video)

* Din (S Jagannathan) (http://code.google.com/p/din), Boxar  (http://www.poojyum.com/boxar) : A free software musical instrument  for performing indian classical music live (but not just)



* Fluxus (Dave Griffiths) : (free, 1-2hrs, max 10) The venerable  OpenGL/scheme environment.

* APODIO (Julien Ottavi) : (1hrs, max 20) Gnu/Linux multimedia  distribution LiveDVD

* Introducing Processing for Visual Artists (Evan Raskob) : (£10,  2hrs, max 20)


NIGHT: Performances : 7:30pm-12:30am (£5 entry) – doors 7pm

* dskg – Uses circuit bended machines altogether with open sources

* Jeremah – pixelated landscapes of techno beats, music box melodies  and processed street noise (http://www.jeremah.co.uk/)

* Rob Munro – audiovisual work exploring the world between

* TheNoiser – The Noiser use noise as musicality, combined to an  approach of programmatic composition (http://www.noiser.org)

* PixelPusher – video and sound pieces; interactive art including new  musical instruments (http://pixelist.info/)

* Ryan Jordan – Body-sensor-noise-strobe-hypnosis (http://ryanjordan.org/)

* Daniel Jones – generative audio-visual works (http://www.erase.net)

* S Jagannathan – a free software musical instrument for performing  indian classical music live (but not just)

* Robert Atwood – experiments with the sound created by feedback

* Chris McCormick – uses Free Software to make bleepy crunchy music

You are all very welcome – see you there ?.

MORE INFO : http://www.pawfal.org/openlab/

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