The GISS team just released  version 2.0 of the Distributed Multi-Media Database ( a.k.a. dmmdb ), which includes a modified version of cortado, this is the last development that was due for G.I.S.S. 3.0.

all is documented and available from G.I.S.S. wiki :

but a bit of technical details as you all love them :

cortado-giss :

* Access to the timestamp of the video played from javascript
* Call to an external javascript function when the end of the video is reached
* Ability to create more than one instance : playing several videos at the same time
* Support for 16/9 format as requested by some users
* Added a few additional facilities like a volume control and the displaying of video duration

cortado-giss is available here :

dmmdb 2.0 :

* Added a block of most viewed videos on the channel, updating the counter through ajax when a video is requested
* Added a voting system and a block of favorite videos
* Support for playlists
* Support for subtitles/annotations ( import/export of .srt files )

dmmdb 2.0 is available here :

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