Liwoli 2009
hacklab for art and open source
23 – 25 April 2009 – Kunstuniversität Linz

Liwoli 2009 is a three day long Hacklab and an open invitation to all who would like to participate in an active process of learning, producing and sharing around the areas of Free/Libre Open Source Software and Art.  FLOSS developers, artists and programmers such as the collective GOTO10 or activists from HAIP (Hack Act Interact Progress) and many others form the basis for the event and share their knowledge in the form of workshops, hacklabs, presentations, installations and performances.

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With the participation of:

Andrea Mayr, Andreas Trawoeger, Arjan Scherpenisse, Aymeric Mansoux,
Christoph Haag, Claude Heiland-Allen, Dan Wilcox, Daniel Turing
David Ayers, Eleonora Oreggia, Georg Jakob, Holger Schöner,
Jan-Kees van Kampen, Johannes Kreidler, Marius Shebella,
Pippa Buchanan, Ricardo Palmieri, Rob Canning, Robert Martin,
Roch Forowitz, Sascha Neudeck, Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Thomas Warwaris,
Yves Degoyon, … and more to be confirmed!…

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