Salsaman just announced the release of LiVES

Add “livetext” effect/generator.
– see release notes for instructions

Fix MIDI device autodetection.
– a MIDI controller on /dev/midi1 should now be automatically discovered

Fix “force single monitor” bug.
– this setting was accidentally not fully implemented in the last release

Correct audio synch when encoding a selection (regression).

Small cleanups in OSC and event_list code.

Add OMC command “/clip/encode_as”.
– this is related to the batch processing tool (See below)

Created LiVES batch processing tool (/tools/batchproc).
– see release notes for more details

When recording, record changes made in the realtime fx window, and via OSC.

Do not reinitialise effects when entering rte mapping window (regression).

Ensure all libweed files are LGPL 3 or higher.

Add OMC command “/clip/retrigger”.
– causes the nth clip to be switched to, and playback to retrigger from
the first or last frame (depending on play direction). This has been added
to the MIDI/joystick learner, and is ideal for mapping to a MIDI keyboard.

Implement real time textmode.

– release notes (livetext)

More accurate recording with generators.

Initial Polish translation (thanks to jeremiPL).

Minor GUI cleanups.

Release notes:


Installation instructions:

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