SummerLAB  04-08.08.09
LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre
, Gijón

SummerLAB 2009 is a gathering of creators, hackers and artists from all over Spain who work mainly with open-source applications and tools. (FLOSS)

SummerLAB is a participative event, an opportunity to work together in the Asturian cool summer air. Its organization, based on the way open-source software is developed, is free of hierarchy, only aiming to establish a context where free will and mutual help are put to creative purposes.

The programme consists of workshops, presentations, performances, among other activities proposed and organized by the participants themselves, from constructing musical instruments, producing a live CD, to workshops on Streaming techniques or presenting development environments, like OpenFrameworks, for multimedia projects.

The week will end with a vibrant Jam AValgoritmika – live video and music

Participation is open to everyone and there is no fee. You just need to register by sending an e-mail to, indicating your area of interest, if you wish to collaborate and in which way; giving a workshop, proposing an activity, or simply participating as a member of the public or as a student.

For those arriving from outside Gijón, the event’s official accommodation is el Camping Deva


Marta Paz Naveiro, Paula Rodriguez, Diego Rodriguez Gomez, Jovan Cvetkovski, Barbara Sansone,  Alejandro Bizzotto, Miguel de Heras Gomez, Pilar Monsell, Susana Tesconi, Arturo Castro Prieto, Nuria Sanz, Lilia Villafuerte Bazán, Karolina Bartoñkova, Dani Miracle, minipimer, Paula Pin, Claudia Elena Ossandón Jamett, Cecilia Puglia, Valentina Messeri, Hernani Silva, Alex Posada, Magdy Elsayed Mohmed Mohamed Moustafa, Victor Mazon Gardoqui, Jan Kees van Kampen, Valentina Vuksic, Claude Heiland-Allen, Rob Canning, Barbara Kukovec, Antonia Folguera, Marcos García, Christine Sugrue, Jay William Barros, Antonios Galanopoulos, David Pello, Odila Carabantes, Pablo de Soto, Carme Gomila, Tonina, Shu Lea Chang, Marc Chia Xiang Rong, Sergio Moreno Páez, Shady el Noshokaty, Eleonora Orregiani.

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