** Description

Breakthrough proposes an experimental, interdisciplinary event constructing a new field of research and play. Breakthrough signals the skewed extension and plain rupture with a series of earlier actions [London, Bergen, Berlin] exploring the material basis of technology and expanding on the practice of life coding.

The term breakthrough describes a sudden shift in understanding or technologies, and, finally, a clearing (Lichtung), an entry into
unknown and unmapped territories. An enclosure is breached allowing access to another, totally unforeseen state or space. Communication is thus implied, a new form of exchange, perhaps between two otherwise unconnected domains, between the living and the dead, between many worlds. What does the sheer possibility of a breakthrough imply for communication between the past and the future?

Breakthrough, as event, signals a change in direction, a pointing towards new ways of actively describing and creating the world. Within a complex mise en scene of workshops, lectures and performances, diverse artists, theorists, researchers, and hackers collaborate in the creation of a breakthrough which can rupture the enclosure of scientific rationalism and enlightenment without recourse to named magic.

** Call for projects/actions:

Breakthrough calls for projects which perform, describe and construct (in process) a rupture or breaking through of the projects of rationalism and capital of past or future intention. Projection and play with time space co-ordinate points is encouraged.

Potential actions investigations could very well extend into:

practical endophysics, sound and radio wave transitions, diagrammatic formation, clustering and islanding, simulations coding and exploration, biologic interface, crashing, brain writing, construction, environmental steganography, data forensics, escape
hatch literature, novel geometry description, life coding, interrupt theatre, pornographic coding, amateur radio astronomy

Breakthrough will be prepared within a three day workshop in Berlin, towards the construction of a one day event distributed across the city, and maintained with a strict scheduling and interrupt system backbone (micro-FM and Internet).

Please submit short messages of intent to: m@1010.co.uk by 29 May 2009.

Breakthrough is supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin 2009

** Postscript:

Byrne: “I do not want to get a long half-hour involvement about Faraday cages, diodes, or transistors and so on. Ken, in very simple language and very shortly, have you been able to break this thing technically?”

Attwood: “Technically, no.”

[Voices From The Tapes. Peter Bander. 1973]

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