Hotglue by Danja Vasiliev and Sarah Grant

3-4 December 2021 – 15:00-17:00 hours.

To attend you have to register. Please send us an email to piksel21(at)
The workshop will be online through a BBB video chat. We will send the information on how to connect.

Hotglue workshop
Building websites using Hotglue is fun – and a great, hands-on way to learn about visual design, markup language and hyper-links that power the web. But to do so, one – more so than ever – needs proficiency in the language of the web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) in order to participate.

Hotglue is a FOSS “What you see is what you get” editor for the web.  At the workshop a free-to-use grass-roots service will be used to allow quick hosting of webpages.

HOTGLUE Content Manipulation System is a unique tool for DIY web-design and Internet samizdat. System design is based on several fundamental rules primarily aimed at preserving visual homogeneity between editing and viewing modes. This structural transparency of HOTGLUE UI permits its users to disregard any separation of Content and Design and /ultimately/ to remove Design as such from their creative practice.

Danja Vasiliev and Gottfried Haider believe that modern web-users shall be given an easy yet powerful, online (in-browser) authoring tool for making exciting, personally distinct and otherwise odd web-pages. Page contents suddenly become something more then only text blocks and images; user begins to construct web-pages as multi-layered collages where textual is visual and vice versa. Web-pages made with HOTGLUE never look the same – each page is a new creation of its author.

HOTGLUE is written in PHP and Javascript (jQuery), it uses flat-files for storage and is compatible with Apache2 HTTP server.

Type: workshop
Length: 4h
Language: English
Additional considerations: max. 12 participants

Material and Technical Requirements
Participant materials: Laptop, internet connection

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