* PIKSEL09 workshop series
* Free and Open Creative Technology workshops


In connection with the Piksel09 festival we are offering in total 12 electronic and software workshops. All the workshops are free to attend, but for the hardware workshops we need to charge material costs.

To sign up or get more information,
please contact us on piksel09 [AT] piksel.no
or register directly at:


*Tom Bugs (UK): W.O.M (Workshop Osc Machine)*
*Monday 16.11.09**, 12.00-18.00**
– Build your own 3 oscillator one-board synth, DIY kit based
– No previous experience needed
Material costs: NOK 290,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/230

*Diego de León (ES): LP Atari Punk Concole*
*Tuesdag 17.11.09**, 12.00-18.00**
– Learn about the Atari Punk Console circuit and build small noise synth
– No previous experience needed
Material costs:  NOK 290,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/90

*Peter Edwards from Casperelectronics (US): DIY Drone Synthesizer
Wednesday 18.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– Learn how to build a drone synth using the Drone Lab Kit.
Material costs: NOK 850,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/231

*Hackteria: Bioelectronics for artists
**Thursday 19.11.09 – Saturday 21.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– A three day workshop giving the participants an introduction to microscopy
and tools for interfacing with micro organisms.
Material costs:  NOK 210,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/94
*Andy Bolus: Building simple analogue light-controlled theremins
**Sunday 22.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– learn how to build a simple, analogue theremin, controlled by light sensors.
Material costs: NOK 210,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/180

*Arjan Scherpenisse: VGA Signals**
Sunday 22.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– Learn how to make a simple micro-controller to generate signals
for displaying pixel patterns on any VGA monitor or beamer.
Material costs: NOK 165,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/65

*Minia: Open Hardware Sensor Board*
*Monday 23.11.09 – Tuesday 24.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– Learn how to use MINIA – a USB, plug and play multi platform device
that translates external sensor data to the computer.
Material costs: NOK 165,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/229


Luca Carrubba (IT): Qeve – Free your visuals*
*Thursday 19.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
– Learn how to use Qeve, a free software tool for video improvisation
and partake in a joint video streaming session.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/210

*Glerm Soares (BR): Navalha
– handcrafted hardware/software audio performance interface
*Friday 20.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
– Learn how to use Navalha – an software/hardware interface
for real-time slicing of audio files.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/212

*Alexandre Quessy: ToonLoop Live Animation workshop
*Saturday 21.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
– Learn how to use ToonLoop – a real time stop motion animation tool.
– Bring your own computer and midi controllers!
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/137

*Yves Degoyon (ES): Open Computer Vision
*Sunday 22.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
– Get an introduction to Open Computer Vision (based on PureData),
current libraries and the openCV API.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/69


**Chaoslab: Random evolution & aperiodic bifurcation workshop
**Friday 20.11.09 – Saturday 21.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
– Partake in an experiment based on chaotic systems and indeterminism
in a workshop environment of participant sensitive equipment.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/158

Piksel09 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen Municipality,
Hordaland County Council, Nordic Culture Fund, PNEK, BKK and OCA.

For more information: http://www.piksel.no/p09 -> http://www.piksel.no/

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