Claude Heiland-Allen opened Friday nights’ show with his d0 -> d1 -> d2 -> d3 -> d4 audio-visual live-set:  sounding as a mad musical box, music is piloting an abstract geometric object on the screen. Normal references are scrambled and space is reconstructed from a minimal sign appearing in the void. Long live techno. Robots are back!

Laser Trail Tracker
by Kentaro Fukuchi is a development of  the visual performance he exhibited in Piksel04. This new derivative work features sound-laser interaction: a sequencer is activated by the performers’s movements. What will be the next step of this research?

Malte Steiner, using the 3D game engine Ogre, performs music and visual synthesis synced in realtime from one laptop.
It is the evolution of Notstandskomitee, his (post) industrial music project. Creatures of evens and levels, triangles and pseudo-cathedrals of no-religion are squirming on the screen. Abstract shapes and no-shapes are defining a sub-level of signification in this meta-space of noise.

A tie is a noose is a bizarre audiovisual duel between the circuitbenders Audun Eriksen and Arnfinn Killingtveit. The atmosphere is oneiric; animated drawings from television series are passed through a pure data patch: the tactile texture objectifies the distance between childhood and present time, introducing a sense of extraneousness. The artists, astride small plastic horses, start fighting against each other. Music keeps up tension, echoing neighs. What is manoeuvring this grotesque contest?