Here we are in Bergen…

Giss / team is streaming – making juicy interviews for remote participation and for the archives.
The chat is alive and reactive for interaction with viewers and questions.
Connect to server and join #piksel channel: there we are!

The first piksel-dev session started this morning; the Cinelerra group has been discussing about changing repository system format form Subversion to Git (Fast Version Control System), which will be presented later this week.

Marloes, Aymeric and Tom (goto10) held the first part of the CATkit workshop; partecipants are guided to build and solder a chip that will be programmed in Forth to make chiptune sounds and noise.
The result will be a little stand alone 1bit musical instrument.

The first section of the exhibition, PikselBent, opened the doors featuring Casperelectronics (US), Gijs Gieskes (NL) and Audun Eriksen (NO) showing fantastic music instruments created hacking and modifying toys, keyboards, videogames consoles and other objects. It is an anarchist approach to market offerings, a research towards the special, unique manufacture versus the serial industrial product. It is a technically advanced detournement of goods in favour of a rebel attitude that refuses pre-determined rules and usage instructions.
The industrial product becomes natural source material of fanciful experiments.