Fig.1: Incoding Rules [Peter Halley]

xxxxx Product Specification

November 2007

General Description:

xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ is a third generation development of xxxxx events, with a 12 hour performative specification presenting a high throughput of collaboration.

Structured processes are made available for description, and interpretation within an “active making-in-the-world” implementation.

Construction potential is shared between invited international participants arrayed in logical shift partitions, each allowing for full participant interface [see Pin Assignments] and programmer access.

The shift pattern allows for the clear display of foreground-background activity and the incorporation of a range of interrupt responses [see Interrupts].

Output is decoded within a final specified act after the elaboration of all core and peripheral material, operating within a JIT model of internal compilation.

Subsequent text provides more detail on the xxxxx controller family, registers, instruction set, interrupts and shift timing.