The night featured great performances on the theme of circuit bending and DIY electronic musical instruments.

MOBDOG by Jan Carleklev (SE) was a live concert built around the concept of transformation: nine e-dogs, the latest happy meal mc donalds toy, were modified and controlled by processing through an arduino card. The result was a beautiful music and a strange atmosphere.

Loud Objects by Kunal Gupta & Tristan Perich (USA) was a beautiful live audiovisual soldering show: the set was built in front of the public on overhead projector. The preliminary circuit is constructed from scratch, with electonics and soldering irons.

Gijs Gieskes made a brilliant audiovisual show playing his own instruments and a mechanical simple kaleidoscope. The music was good, happy and danceable, the visuals were charismatic and intriguing.

MIKMO (DK) was a slow, longing electronic music concert from modified toys. The set was visually interesting, especially the transparent balls.

Casperelectronics made a short set of nice music with his own instruments.

The spanish electronic music band Yes Robot, using circuitbended instruments & gameboy made a great audiovisual set, for the joy of the pikselers dancing and screaming in front of the stage.