| http://artengine.ca/desiredata/download/desiredata-0.40.pre5.tar.gz |

DesireData 0.40.pre5 (2006.12.19) (-r desiredata; ./configure && make) :

* merged changes from Miller’s pd 0.40-2 (80% of it)
* new canvas method “reply_with” of canvases replaces the implicit reply-matching of pre4. (even less bug-prone)
* server-side wires and scalars appear to client just like other objects.
* floatatom,symbolatom,[nbx] use normal Tk text edition just like ObjectBox,MessageBox,Comment have done for a while
* obsolete t_object fields removed: te_type te_width
* global object table (crash protection for bindless .x targets)
* variable width font usable in ObjectBoxes and MessageBoxes and Comments.
* [hsl] [vsl] support jump-on-click again
* lots of bugfixes
* -console and -lang moved to Client Preferences dialog
* added some more translations by Patrice Colet
* removed Find menu in main window
* added Find, Find Next, Find Last Error (canvas windows only)
* choose between horizontal and vertical in Properties of slider or radio.