Piksel09 start off with a day program filled with workshops and presentations, ending with an engaging evening line-up featuring concerts and audiovisual performances. Welcome!

SOFTWARE WORKSHOP | Stenersen Aud. 11:00-13:00


¤ Qeve – free your visuals

PRESENTATIONS | Stenersen aud. 14:00-17:00

toonloopvirtual entityrebuntu

¤ The ToonLoop Live Stop Motion Software (RE-SCHEDULED)
¤ Vitual Entity
¤ ReBuntu
¤ The Art of Seduction or Practical Jedi Mindtricks or Escaping the Matrix

HARDWARE WORKSHOP | Nøstegaten 42 12:00-18:00


¤ Hackteria (3 day workshop: Thu 19th.- Sat. 21st)

LIVE EVENTS | Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall 21:00-01:00

action potentialkunst und musikNoise invaders

¤ Opening
¤ Action Potential
¤ Kunst und Music mit dem Tageslichtprojector
¤ Noise Invaders
¤ DC12V :: Teatrino Elettrico ::