VOICE 2.0 by Paul Magee is  the hypnotic work welcoming spectators reaching the exhibition Fun House at Gallery 3,14.

Voice 2.0 is a research on phonetics as minimal language units and their combinations’ patterns. English texts are analysed to calculate the overall probability of each phonetic being spoken. 44 speakers are compositing seed sentences or array of phonetics; these are performed and arranged by the artificial sound system until it gets bored and generates another sentence.
The voice suggests a level of sense signed but not declared  nor unambiguous.

WAVES by Daniel Palacios is a beautiful audio-visual plastic expression of the invisible. Space is not void and surroundings are affected by us. More than a mere representation, Waves is a visceral brutal imprint of the relations between material and immaterial. 

  by Emanuel Andel and Christian Guetzer is a digital version of the test of courage: when a user puts a hand into the Machine the knife starts to hit the space between the fingers. A sensor tells the knife where to chop.
Whether the test is about courage or faith it is an open question: how far do we trust machines nowadays?

The work GROW by Christian Guetzer shows an original integration of natural and machinic, whereas the machinic element is, off-course, affecting nature. A special algorithm changes the position of a plant in a static light environment, determining the direction of growth. The abstract algorithm becomes manifest in the form of the plant. The reflection can be the following: how many algorithms do we normally see in our surroundings without getting the abstract formula behind the shapes?
Machines are just another creation of nature.


by Julien Ottavi and Dominique Leroy is a fashinating representation of caos in its machinic manifestation. Arugate lays on the contrariety axis of machines in their wider acceptation; machines can be natural or manufactured. Arugate is progressing in the region of non-technology, towards the realm of nature…

The Analog Color Field Comp by Gregory Shakar proposes an essential use of audiovisual devices. A minimal transfer of information is reducing violence of continuous phenomenon of human adaptation: users can infact tune experience in consonance with their physical perceptions.

Other works were MOBISPHERES by N_DREW, who performed live with these audio-visual reacting spheres, BACTERIAL ORCHESTRA
 and SALTO MORTALE.  Fun enough in the  House!