Congratulations to Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk and Dave Griffiths whose project Naked on Pluto was just awarded the First Prize in the VIDA 13.2 Art & Artificial Life International Awards!

Naked on Pluto is a Multiplayer Text Adventure on Facebook. When you enter the game, you find yourself on Pluto, in a city under the rule of Elastic Versailles revision 14 (EVr14), an Artificial Intelligence functioning as an entertainment colony. It is the Las Vegas of the Solar System, a true paradise for consumers and corporations alike.

Naked on Pluto was developed during a shared residency at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Baltan Laboratories and Piksel between June and November 2010. It was further developed in June 2011 with help from AVEK.

The project is licensed Copyleft. The research and development process is documented at and the game can be played at

Naked on Pluto wil be shown as a part of the Piksel11 main exhibition at Galleri 3,14 opening on November 18th 2011.