Stormy Thursdays – Exploring the Convergence of Art and Free/Libre Technologies. Open workshops.

We are delighted to invite you to “Stormy Thursdays,” a series of interactive workshops where we delve into the intersection of art and free/libre technologies, fostering a serene space for exploration and creativity.

Discover the Art-Tech Connection: Immerse yourself in the serene blend of artistic expression and free/libre technologies, where innovation takes a tranquil form.

Participate, Craft, Share: These workshops prioritize hands-on engagement. Join us to participate actively, craft your projects, and share your creations with a community of like-minded individuals.

Free/Libre Technologies: Embrace the philosophy of open-source tools. Learn about free/libre technologies and contribute to a collaborative space of knowledge sharing.

Event Details:

Date: Every Thursday / January and February 2024
Time: 17-20 h
Venue: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, Bergen

What to Anticipate:

Interactive Workshops
Live Demonstrations
Collaborative Project Showcases
Casual Networking with Creative Minds

Who Should Attend:

Tech Enthusiasts
Those intrigued by the intersection of art and technology

RSVP Today: Send us an email to piksel24(at)piksel(dot)no

Let Thursdays become a canvas for peaceful creativity, an avenue for thoughtful exploration. We look forward to a serene collaboration of art and technology. See you there.

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