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Piksel21 – WORKSHOPS

Piksel21 – WORKSHOPS

The 19th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

– Wokshops.
– November 18th-21st, Bergen (NO)
Workshops Programme:

All workshops are free to attend.
To sign up send an email to: piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no

A Butterfly in an Analog Computer – Wolfgang Spahn
Generating chaotic signals, noise and sound with an analogue computer and Chua circuit, learning the basic functions of an analogue computer along the way.  

Audiovisual creation in Pure Data/GEM using [ARRAST_VJ] – Bruno Rohde
This workshop introduces the basic and creative uses of **[ARRAST_VJ]**, a free software for audiovisual creation that enables real time manipulation of videoclips (with sound), images and cameras, and also the creation of interactive compositions, which may be stored, reproduced and exported. 

Mellite – an environment for creating experimental computer-based music and sound art – Hanns Holger Rutz
__Mellite__ is an open source application that aims to be an environment both for the composition and creation as well as for the performance and exhibition of computer based music and sound art.  In general, participants should have some basic experience with a programming language, knowing how sound synthesis works in SuperCollider is advantageous but not mandatory.

Jeu Videa – Natacha Roussel/Amelie Dumont
Exploring collectively, feministand intersectional possibilities of vide-a game by learning Godot Engine software.  Since the episode of “Gamergate” a few years ago, and partly thanks to the work of feminist academics such as: Anita Sarkeesian (feminist frequency), among others, we now have a better understanding of gender relations in video games. So far there is still very few attempts to develop a video game format that captures feminist and collaborative principles, by transforming the modalities of video games.

Ephemer(e)ality Capture: Glitching Photogrammetry – Tom Milnes
Ephemer(e)ality Capture is a practice-based workshop in which participants hack, disturb and glitched the parameters of photogrammetry. Participants use free or open-source 3D scanning apps and software (which they can access online) to scan reflective, invisible, specular, refractive, or ‘ephemeral’ objects and materials to create images that actively confuse the imaging algorithm. 

Simple WebXR with AR.js and Model-Viewer – tacacocodin 
Covering the basic and recommended settings for having simple AR web applications. 

Piksel is looking for volunteers!

Piksel is looking for volunteers!

If you are interested on how an online TV works, on setting up exhibitions, on doing online broadcasting, and want to help at the venues, at the concerts, handling the camera and mediating with the online artists, to be integrated in a communication team working in social media, we want you 🙂

You will be integrated in the Piksel team, understand the backend of an online tv, proving your camera skills in a real situation and meet new media artists and developers. All at once, catching in a glance the technological challenges of our times.

Piksel is an international festival for electronic art and technological freedom and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free technologies.

This year the festival (18th-21st Nov) is going HYBRID again, with many activities, online and offline. Three exhibitions, three concerts nights at Østre and online, workshops and presentations, street projections and an internet TV channel broadcasting 12 hours a day!

You will receive a festival pass with full access to all our events, a festival t-shirt and poster, a work certificate and an experience for life.

Please send us a PM or email us to piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no.

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    Invitation FINISSAGEDecoding Black Magic. Interventions in Infrastructureby the Critical Engineering Working GroupPiksel Festival 2021Piksel is glad to invite you to the Exhibition Finissage of the Critical Engineering Working Group.Tomorrow December 12th , the exhibition "Decoding Black Magic - Interventions in Infrastructure" by the Critical Engineering Working Group will be open from 14:00-21:00, adding 3 more hours to the regular opening hours.This is done as a way to celebrate together the unique opportunity in Bergen to see the art installations of these great artists. It is also a way to thank you for your interest and collaboration in expanding electronic art in the the cultural and artistic scene in our city of Bergen, as well as your support to the Piksel festival.Please join us on this last closure of the festival and the exhibition.Piksel is following all guidelines, related to COVID-19 and public events. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone that has COVID-19 you can not attend the event. Read more about COVID-19 and symptoms: ... See MoreSee Less
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