Workshop: Internet Archaeology for Beginners, Duncan Poulton

Piksel Fest Spill 2020
7th of June – 16:00 – 18:00

Duncan Poulton working process. Duncan Poulton (UK)
To attend send us an email to piksel20(at)piksel(dot)no

The workshop will happen remotely from UK and at the Studio 207 in Bergen with Piksel assistance and guiding. You can join us at the Studio in Bergen or online. There is a reduced number of subscriptions. 5 people at the Studio 207 and 15 people online. Inscriptions are needed. For those attending online we will send you the instructions on equipment and materials you need to follow it online and how to join us.

Internet Archaeology for Beginners
Join artist Duncan Poulton for a virtual workshop which offers an introduction to techniques for mining and misusing the web for creative reuse. Attendees will visit the depths of the internet that search engines don’t want you to find, and learn to make their own digital collages from the materials they gather.

The workshop will be using the open-source image editing software GIMP. If you want to follow along with the workshop, please download GIMP in advance here:

Duncan Poulton is a London-based artist working in an expanded form of collage, spanning digital video and image assemblage. Itinerant in nature, his work is currently preoccupied with notions of circulation, digital waste and the copy, as he acts out an ongoing remediation of our increasingly connected world. Working exclusively with found content, his digital works evoke a new visual culture of constant juxtaposition, ambivalence towards images and the collapsing down of history and meaning engendered by the internet. He has shown extensively in the UK and internationally in South Korea, USA, Greece, India, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Russia and New Zealand.

Artist’s website:
Instagram: @duncpoulton

The venues
– Piksel Cyber Salon. Piksel invites you to have a cyber experience and to join us at our hybrid activities. Piksel Cyber Salon will host part of the Copy Paste exhibition, workshops, performances and lectures. Join us!

– Piksel youtube@Piksel Produksjoner

– Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, BERGEN The new Piksel/Borealis space in town for electronic art, experimental music and adventurous listening.

Piksel Fest Spill is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council Norway and ProHelvetia.

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