Piskel Fest Spill 2019 program

30th of May AV Performance @Piksel Pavilion from 21:00 – 23:00
LIVE CODING Music, Toccata for two keyboards Hlöðver Sigurðsson (IS)
LIVE CODING Visuals with Visual Hifa, Valentín Vago (CH)

Piksel Pavilion – The central info point for Piksel Fest Spill

The 30th of March, Piksel comes back to the Music Pavillion in Bergen with 2 hours of audiovisual live performances. The music pavilion will be electronically updated to host different Piksel artists doing high impact performances as a preview of what is going to happen at the Piksel Festival.

Piksel Pavilion are LIVE CODING sessions focused on sound and visuals.

Hlöðver Sigurðsson (IS) is a computer musician and composer from Reykjavik. His performances has been seen at the Spektrum (berlín), Piksel Festival (Bergen) and Sonic Code Sessions Showcase, part of vorspiel of Transmediale 2017.

Valentín Vago (CH)
In 2016 I decided to create a new software called Visual Fiha which allows the generation of visuals based on live coding and real time audio analysis. I have been performing alongside with international DJs and producers.

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