PIKSEL18 Buzzocrazy!
The 16th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies
http://18.piksel.no presents:

Piksel Pavilion – The central info point for Piksel18 – Buzzocrazy!!

Yes, you heard it right, on the 22nd of November we are going to visualize and sonorize the Music Pavillion in Bergen with 3 hours of audiovisual live performances. The music pavilion will be electronically updated to host different Piksel artists doing high impact performances as a preview of what is going to happen at the Piksel Festival.

Piksel18 – Buzzocrazy! Is a festival devoted to art and technological freedom. It is happening next weekend in Bergen. Starting on Thursday with the Exhibition Opening, Concerts nigths on Friday and Saturday, workshops and artists talks.

To show you all of this we will be warming up for the opening of the festival in the Piksel Pavilion (Music pavilion in Bergen) from 16:00 to 19:00. It will produce a very different spectacle for the citizens passing by the main square and surroundings streets.

Once the show is over we invite you to join at the Exhibition Opening Night – Piksel18 – Buzzocrazy! at Piksel Studio 207 in Strandgaten 207 and SKUR14 in Holbergskaien 1, Bergen

– Exhibition – 22nd opening night – 20:00 – 01:00

PIKSEL18 Buzzocrazy! Is proud to announce the opening night that will take place in two different spaces at the Piksel Studio 207 and SKUR14.

We invite you to join us in the opening night tour! 2 openings at the same time. Starting at 20:00 in Piksel Studio 207, the main exhibition shows different artworks devoted to DIY bioart and the Buzzocrazy! theme.

At 22:00 we will tour to SKUR14 where we will enjoy the premiere of the sound installation developed by Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due, Jo Grys with altered accordions: Hidden Track. SKUR14 is also hosting works by artists from Germany, Iceland, Italy, Uruguay and UK and Norway.

We hope you can enjoy the opening night with us.

Strandgaten 207, Bergen

DIY bioart topic is presented by the work of Anne Marie Maes (BE), The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive; Mindaugas Gapševičiuss (LT)+ Martin Howse(UK), Radio Mycelium & How I Hack Plant Conversations; Gisle Frøysland (NO) + Maite Cajaraville(ES), From DNA to NSA; Hamilton Mestizo (CO), DIY Traffic Lines for Air Pollution; Jose Alejandro Lopez (CO), Our 25th Chromosome on Google and Dimitrios Gkikas (GR/DE), I will be waiting.

Buzzocrazy! The slogan of this edition festival bring us artworks from Marc Lee (CH) , Political Campaigns – Battle of Opinion on Social Media – Start TV Bot; @Antonio Roberts (UK), Copyright Atrophy; Gabin Cortez Chance (US); Gisle Frøysland (NO), #Anti-corruption-code-my-circumstances.

Holbergskaien 1, Bergen

International artists are invited to show their last developments at SKUR14 as part of the PIKSEL18 Buzzocrazy! Exhibition.
Björk Viggósdóttir (IS), Circle; Wolfgang Spahn (DE/AT), It’s Organic If You Look Close Enough; Antonio Della Marina (IT), fades.net; Osvaldo Cibils (UR), El arte de las perillas (the art of knobs); Bioni Samp (Live Electronics) (UK), Beespace or Hive Synthesis, Camilla Vatne Barratt-due(NO), Jo Grys, Hidden Track, and, Ann Edvartsen (NO) with her last work Kessler Syndrome.