PIKSEL18 Buzzocrazy!
The 16th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

– Concert night – 23rd 21:00 – 01:00 – Doors open at 20:30
– Venue: Studio USF | Georgernes verft 12, 5011 Bergen
– Entrance 60 NOK – Free for students.

PIKSEL18 – Buzzocrazy! First concerts night brings four outstanding audiovisual performances.

PIKSEL18 – Buzzocrazy! presents a line up of very well known artists in the international experimental scene.

From Berlin comes Wolfgang Spahn. His unique performance „Self-Similarity“ uses the data stream from a projector to create sound and visuals. A fractal explosion of colours based on different analogue and digital machines developed by the artist.

From the guts of the most impressive computer music environment, Pure Data, we present “pointillism” from the Austrian Iohannes Zmölnig, one of the core developers of that environment. The music is generated using morse code patterns, the code is written in “Braille”, the language of the blind.

Bioni Samp (Live Electronics), British artist, musician, inventor and bee keeper, will perform with his ‘Honey Viscosity Synth (c) Bioni Samp 2012’ that uses honey as a resistor to control oscillators, filters and sequencers.

And last but not least, we will see the DNA chain searches that Gisle Frøysland pull from the public data base of deCODE, and how he produces sound by sonifying the results of the matching patterns.

We can assure that this night is going to be a very experimental one!

More about the artists:

Wolfgang Spahn is an Austrian-German visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations, miniature-slide-paintings and performances of light & sound. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focusses on both their contradiction and their correlation. That’s why he is also specialized in re-appropriated and re-purposed electronic technologies. Recently he developed analogue synthesizers as well as analogue computers and analog neuron networks and uses them to create abstract light-and-sound-sculptures.

Karachi Biennale 2017, Pakistan; Bienal de Artes Mediales – Santiago de Chile 2017; “Feedback” West Den Haag 2017; Wagner Museum Bayreuth 2017; Maximilian Forum, München 2017; “T2F” Karachi, Pakistan 2016, “Venkatappa Gallery” Bangalore, India 2016, „Montag Modus“ Collegium Hungaricum Berlin 2016; Bodenlos – Vilem Flusser und die Künste 2015-2017, Akademie der Künste, Berlin and Galerie AMU, Prague;

IOhannes m zmölnig (Austria)
IOhannes m zmölnig is an Austria-based software- and media-artist and member of the art-collective forum::für::umläute. He is currently working at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) in Graz. Being an active member of the FLOSS-community, he is one of the core developers of the Pure Data computer music environment, for which he also provides a number of libraries, including Gem for realtime-graphics and iemguts which is targeted at writing live-coding systems within Pd. IOhannes m zmölnig has performed concerts between Bergen and São Paolo, Perth and New York. (http://umlaeute.mur.at)

Bioni Samp (Live Electronics) is a British artist, musician, inventor and beekeeper.
From 2013 to 2018 Bioni took his ‘Hive Synthesis’ show on tour, performing and exhibiting in Ottawa, Canada at Gallery 101 and the National Museum of Nature. Harplinge, Sweden at Harp Art Lab. Slovakia at Banská Štiavnica Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic at školská 28 and Nová Perla. Wroclaw, Poland at the 16th Media Art Biennale. Linz, Austria at Eleonore and STWST48 during ARS Electronica. Liverpool at FACT, Bioni Samp installation in group show: Hybrids: Interspecies Collaboration in Craft and Design, @NationalCraft The National Centre for Craft & Design Sleaford, UK. reROOted festival, part of Hull 2017 Year of Culture, Sonic Dreams Festival, Waterford Ireland 2017, Primal Uproar 3 onboard the MS Stubnitz, Hamburg 2018 and many other various live shows in London and the UK.

h220/Gisle Frøysland (Norway)

Studied computer science, information technology, TV production and arts in Bergen. Since the early 80s he has been working as a musician, VJ and visual artist. He is a founding member of BEK, the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art and initiator/director of the Piksel festival for electronic art and free technologies.

Gisle Frøysland has received grants and has held numerous exhibitions, many of them in Norway, but also abroad. His works have been presented at several international festivals like Electrohype, Dissonanze, Transmediale, Borealis, Ultima, MakeArt,Pixelache, Mal au Pixel and Electropixel. His past collaborators include KKNull, Julien Ottavi ,VuNhatTan, John Hegre, Lasse Marhaug, BAKtruppen, Information and Motherboard.

PIKSEL18 – BuzzOcrazy!