PIKSEL18 Buzzocrazy!
The 16th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

– Concerts Night at Hulen -Piksel18- Buzzocrazy! – 21:00 – 22:30
Doors open at 20:00
– SISTA CAVE RAVE – 3 year anniversary – 23:00 – 3:00
– Venue: Hulen | Olaf Ryes vei 48, 5006 Bergen
– Entrance Free for the Piksel festival concerts. 150 kr if you stay all night long at Sista Låten 3rd Anniversary techno night. Please see below.

John Bowers (UK)
Tim Shaw (UK)
Ivan Paulsen (NO) (Ivanuschka Sgrim Pa)
Thor Merlin (NO)
Peter Edwards (US/SL)

We are proud to collaborate with Sista Låten techno underground collective in Bergen to bring you a 2 sessions concerts program. Pikses18 – Buzzocrazy! starts at 21:00 to 22:30, then Sista Låten will start with their impressive line up of techno DJ’s till the end of the night.

PIKSEL18 – Buzzocrazy! on its second concerts night is presenting three shows with very different set up.

John Bowers and Tim Shaw from UK will introduce us to UTM, The Universal Transformation Machine (UTM), an imagined alchemical device that transforms one form of matter-energy into any other. Light energy into sound. Sound into physical movement. Physical movement into shortwave radiation. Radiation into magnetism. Magnetism into gravity.

Oroboros, from the Bergen artist, Ivan Paulsen will create a thick feedback invading noise situation trying to get as many types of feedback into one small package, crn will use everything from videofeedback to mixer-, audio-, EM- and radio-feedback to entertain, entrance and cause pain.

In the visual part, Thor Merlin Lervick will be creating a video mapping sculpture accompaning Ivan Paulsen. The projection mapped improvised brings live coded visuals into the physical space on a human sized figure enabling the audience to relate to the visuals in an untraditional setting.

Peter Edwards aka Casperelectronics is the man behind the OMSynth, a “circuit development and performance interface” that allows users to create astonishing sound and light performances. He will be our guy to close the night with his hardcore dance-noise set.

More about the artists:
John Bowers, Tim Shaw (UK)
John Bowers (UK) works with modular synthesisers, home-brew electronics, reconstructions of antique image and sound-making devices, self-made software, field recordings and esoteric sensor systems. He makes performance environments which mix sound, image and gesture at a fundamental material level, sometimes accompanied by spoken text. His practice often combines improvised performance with walking, urban exploration and the investigation of selected sites to conduct research in an imagined discipline he calls ‘mythogeosonics’. He has performed at festivals including the collateral programme of the Venice Biennale, Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel Berlin, Piksel Bergen, Electropixel Nantes, BEAM Uxbridge and Spill Ipswich, and toured with the Rambert Dance Company performing David Tudor’s music to Merce Cunningham’s Rainforest. He contributed to the design of The Prayer Companion – a piece exhibited twice at the Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, and acquired for their permanent collection. Amongst many musical collaborations, he works with Sten-Olof Hellström, Tim Shaw and in the noise drone band Tonesucker. He helps coordinate the label Onoma Research and works in Culture Lab and Fine Art, Newcastle University.

Tim Shaw
In performances Tim improvises with field recordings, microphones, modular synthesisers, sculptural loudspeakers and resonant sound objects which, when combined, create layered listening environments. He uses a variety of self-constructed technologies to playback and manipulate his recordings. The unfolding composition incorporates elements of uncertainty and indeterminacy processed through room acoustics, computational systems and networked infrastructures. He is particularly interested in the relationships between site, sound and technologies. Presenting work through musical performances, installations, walks and site-responsive interventions his practice attempts to expose the mechanics of systems through sound to reveal the hidden aspects of environments and technologies. Tim works as a lecturer in Digital Media at Newcastle University. He presents work at galleries, festivals, museums, through residencies and cultural events nationally and internationally. Recently his work has been presented at New Ear Festival, New York (2018), History of Bosnia Museum, Sarajevo (2018), ARC, Switzerland (2018), bb15, Linz (2017), Stereolux, Nantes (2016), Baltic, Gateshead (2017), FACT Liverpool (2016), Eastern Bloc, Montreal (2016) and The Wired Lab, New South Wales, Australia (2016).

cimu / Ivan Andre Paulsen (NO)
cirnu is the shadow of Bergen-based noise-maker and connoiseur of things weird, wild and WTF Ivan Andre Paulsen. While Ivan did his thing around the impro- and contemporary music-scene in Bergen, cirnu was hibernating. The summer of 2018, cirnu started to wake up, and for the piksel festival will be fully awake and ready to cause mayhem and get hir freak on with the rather spiffily named project ‘ouroboros’; an autophagous wall of glimmering, shimmering, magical noise, ‘ouroboros’ is a sonic feast using as many different types of feedback as possible – including FMradio- , EM-, microphone- and mixer-feedback – to detune your brains and break your chains.

Thor Merlin Lervik (NO)
Thor Merlin is a Norwegian designer and programmer with a degree in programming from UiO and a degree in design from KhiO. He has developed several open source software tools for visual live coding like Sakuhin and Zypit. He has mainly worked with musicians in the genres of improvised noise, live dnb and jazz. To name a few, he has performed at Slottsfjell, Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene, Ingensteds and Kulturhuset in Oslo.

Peter Edwards (US)
Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name.

Edwards has performed, taught workshops and spoken on the topic of circuit bending and creative electronics at MIT’s Media Lab, Hasbro Toys, Hampshire College, Skidmore College, New York University, Bloomfield University, Long Beach University, Georgie Southern University and at new media festivals around the world including The Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway).

****The Piksel festival entrance is free. If you want to enjoy all night long together with Sista Låten starting at 23.00 → 3:00, then the ticket entrance will be 150 kr. You can pay that at the entrance.

PIKSEL18 – Buzzocrazy!