The LepLoop It’s a small analog synth groovebox for live improvisation and sound experiment.

The idea was to have a compact live analog instrument.

Usually analog synth it’s big and can produce only one sound at the same time.

The LepLoop it’s small and can produce 3/4 sound at the same time, kick, noise hh/snare, bass/melody.

It’ s possible use the Leploop as stand-alone music box, or in synch with a drum machine or use it for control other analog synths.

The circuit it’s an original design, I’ ve develop with my genius partner Giovanni, the bass drum generator it’s unique design and the capacitor cv sequencer it’s something new in to the synth world.

Our goal was to develop an instrument we like to use live with a distinctive sound and character, something different from mass production, because music it’s made by the musician but also the instrument have a big part especially for minimal electronic music.

The analog sounding generation it’s really unique and sounds a lot better than any digital device.

We try to made an organic sounding instrument, using the LepLoop in a live concert give you the possibility to fill real analog sound without any D/A conversion.

As model of business I’ ve choose to go online, there is a huge interest in to analog instrument and it’s a really small stable market , typically musician are people with passion that love to know how thing works.

I’ ve use the blog, , for post info and new, this blog it’s the most followed in to the synth world so easily I can have a wold wide visibility.

I have also get contact with one shop in Berlin and one shop in Los Angeles both specialized in to new analog synth.

The feedback was great and now we are starting a small production of 100 unit hand made.

Chris Charter of Throbbing Gristle write this revue and made a track