Leading on from the Experimental Communication Workshop this live session will take the form of a seance and fill the room with electromagnetic energy in an attempt to make contact with the spirit world thorugh the devices built in the workshop.

Attempts to induce visual and audible communication via electromagnetic pulses and various detectors/receptors will be undertaken, potentially bluring the boundaries between hallucination and actual physical materialisations of electrical phenomena or visitations from the after life.

Of course nothing might happen, but what if it does?

The room the perofrmance takes place in will ideally be fairly small and underground. There will be a table in the middle and enough seats for all the workshop participants to sit at. The various devices built during the workshop will be placed on the table and in certain areas of the room. The lights will then be turned out and the seance will begin with an invocation of electromagnetic pulses and EMF amplification. The domes and microwaves will be slowly charged and will hopefully begin to emit ball lightning, or channelling the spirits. The germanium receptors will be amplified to a high decibel level and spoken to by the participants to see if there is any kind of communication coming through from the after life. Everything will be recorded on film and audio.