Release of the official festival program and concert by KK Null/ Ottavi/ Fr0ysland.
Landmark Oct. 23.2011 at 21:00.

Agenda for the evening:

1.Presentation of the festival program by director Gisle Frøysland.


2. Concert by KK Null/Ottavi/Fr0ysland. The Japanese noise legend KK

NULL and the versatile artist JULIEN OTTAVI are touring Europe with



3. DJ provided by Piksel SoundSystem


Artist bios:

“KK NULL (real name : KAZUYUKI KISHINO) was born in tokyo, Japan. Composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA and electronic wizard. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80s.”

“JULIEN OTTAVI is a mediactivist, artist-researcher, composer/musician, poet and tongues destroyer, experimental film maker, anarchitect and founder of Apo33. Ottavi is involved in research and creative work, combining sound art, real-time video, new technologies and body performances.”

“GISLE FRØYSLAND/220hex has been one of the key figures of the Norwegian electronic arts scene for over a decade. He is a founding member of BEK- the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, initiator/maintainer of the FLOSS videoapp, MøB, and main organizer of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway. Since the early 80s he has been working as a musician, VJ and visual artist.”

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