Piksel09 :: festival
November 19-22 2009

Piksel09 :: exhibition
Nov. 20/09 – Jan. 10/10

—>   Get inspired by Exhibitions
—>   Get amazed by LIVEart performances
—>   Get wiser through Seminars
—>   Get sustained by Workshops

We are also changing the world!

– the 7th annual Piksel festival for
– Electronic Art and Technological Freedom is on!
– in Bergen, Norway

Biohacking, DIY Electronics, open hardware, free software, circuit
bending, process art, computer vision, multitouch, noise,
alternative interfaces, live animation, sound art, light installation,
LED art, code poetry, VGA hacking


EXHIBITIONS @ Galleri 3,14, Lydgalleriet —

David Elliott, Pall Thayer, Paul Klotz, Andreas Muxel, Martin Hesselmeier, Susanna Katharina Hertrich, Marie-Julie Bourgeois, Michael Day, Arjan Scherpenisse, Ben Woodeson, Angie Atmadjaja, Gijs Gieskes, Carlos Tricas, Wolfgang Spahn, Thomas Gerwin, Ricardo Oliveira Nascimento,Ebru Kurbak, Fabiana Shizue, Dream Addictive, Carmen González, Leslie García, Arnfinn Killingtveit, Wendy Ann Mansilla, Jordi Puig

PRESENTATIONS @ Bergen Kunstmuseum/Stenersen —

ToonLoop, Virtual Entity, REBUNTU, The Art of Seduction OR Practical Jedi Mindtricks OR Escaping the Matrix, Microcodes, Re-ware, Milkymist, Noise & Capitalism, Open Source Software Tools for creativity, Pure Data Rhythm & Bass Machine, Gate peepin’, The Hijmans van den Bergh building installation, OHANDA – Open Hardware and Design Alliance, Flock, _oneliner, Respirator, Py-Cessing, APODIO, Multi-Touch 360, Open Artistic Production

LIVE PERFORMANCES @ Landmark, Tårnsalen & NøsteBoden —

Action Potential, KUNST UND MUSIK MIT DEM TAGESLICHTPROJEKTOR, Noise invaders, DC12V ::Teatrino Elettrico::, Paper Cut Tales, Colour Projections, Mouth(s)’ lecture(s), Mattin, d.R.e.G.S., noish_VS_automata, Souffles I, He boxed regularly and was strong and very brave and always a perfect gentleman, Psychoid, MSST, Andy Bolus, The DIY drone synthesizer, Respirator, [i/o], THENOISER VS ZERO POINT ENERGY

WORKSHOPS @ Nøstegate 42 & PikselHut —

W.O.M. – Workshop Osc Machine, LP Atari Punk Console, The DIY drone synthesizer, Qeve – Free your visuals, Hackteria | bioelectronix for artists, Navalha – handcrafted hardware/software audio performance interface, CHAOSLAB, ToonLoop Live Animation Workshop, Enhancing Pure Data Interactivity with Computer Vision (Open CV), Building simple analogue light-controlled theremins, VGA Signals: an introduction

more info and complete programme:

Piksel09 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen Municipality, Hordaland County Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, PNEK, BKK and OCA.

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.

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