real code [xxxxx_at_piksel_2008] aims to begin construction in Bergen
of a new world operating system making use of material, language and
descriptive means (aka. software). code relates both to a necessarily
hidden communication system (world revelation, rationalism as an
island) and to a novel way of examining the world. reflection is
encouraged in both directions. sample activities, such as measurement
of intensities, cutups, practical endophysics, real world disaster
analysis and biologic intervention are proposed below for an event
which builds and defines itself to some degree in isolation. Bergen
thus becomes an island of magic composed of smaller islands (a fish
farm, for example).

invited international participants include Otto E. Rossler, pioneer of
chaos theory research and endophysics, Jessica Rylan, renowned sound
artist and analogue electronics constructor, and Julian Oliver,
augmented reality coder, amongst many others [see below].