The Xiph.Org Foundation announces the release of Theora 1.0.

Theora is a video codec with a small CPU footprint that offers easy
portability and requires no patent royalties. While the Theora
bitstream format was standardized in 2004 and our beta releases have
been used by millions, this 1.0 release is an important milestone
reflecting the maturity and stability of the Theora codebase.

A number of leading multimedia web groups already support Theora.
Upcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox, the world’s most popular open
source browser, will support Theora natively, as will releases of the
multi-platform Opera browser. Top-10 website Wikipedia uses Theora
for all of its video. “Open media formats are critical for ensuring a
future where everyone can create and share media freely,” says Kat
Walsh, Wikimedia Foundation board member, “and so we congratulate on this important achievement.” Theora’s success in these
applications paves the way for wider adoption.